DIY: How to draw head profiles

Karina Vasquez

Karina-Vasquez-head-profilePhoto by: Karina Vasquez
There are many ways and styles in art. This will be a segment of my art style and how I draw faces and heads step by step.

When I draw people, I normally start with the jawline. To me, the jawline defines the length and width of a face. How large or wide you want a characters face to be all depends on how you make a jawline. You can angle the jaw any way you want the person to face.

There are many positions you can place the head in. The profiles can be placed straight on, upwards ¾, a normal side profile, upwards back, ¾, etc. If you practice these profiles consistently, you can be able to add your characters design and faces to the head.

If you don’t have any characters of your own, you can draw some fan art! It does not have to be specific characters, but whichever you prefer. The more you practice, the more satisfied you’ll become. But the best part of drawing is being creative and positive no matter what it looks like!