We The Students…


Every person has their side of a story to tell. Unfortunately, not everyone would see it the same way. A staff member at Campbell Middle School, which we can not mention for privacy purposes, was seen dragging a student across the school’s cafeteria (shown in a video linked by Click2Houston). The article “Video shows Campbell Middle School student being dragged by faculty member” states the student’s point of view, having little detail on the situation. Leaving many people to misunderstand the situation, since the full footage is not shown. A student took notice of this and said “what we see is a staff member that I know personally, dragging a student, but what you don’t realize is the bigger picture. There is a full video of the entire incident and the student allegedly swung at that staff member.” Andrew, a 10th grader at Cy-Ridge High School gave more insight into the situation than the article by Click2Houston.

On Instagram, multiple students from Campbell Middle School, Cy-Ridge High School, and Cy-Creek Highschool join together in support of the teacher. An Instagram profile was made dedicated to helping out the situation. They were able to raise over 100 names for an email to be sent to Dr.Perry, the principal of Campbell Middle School. In 3 days they have gotten over 200 followers who support their claim. Students believe the situation has been blown out of proportion because of the footage and its inaccurate portrayal of the staff members. The Instagram account provided testimonies that support of the faculty member. This growth and immense support can be seen on  Instagram showing the love the students have towards the staff member. Those testimonies show how much he’s done for the students at Campbell Middle School and how influential he is.

“I had him for 6th-grade science until I was moved to another teacher. We both connected over how we both come from the same city. He’d say hi and would check in on me every time he saw me in the halls. I got him again in 8th-grade year for science. I struggled so much with the subject. He would come to school early, stayed late and broke the subject down a million different ways for me so that I could be successful. When I returned to school during my Freshman year of high school, I saw him in passing. He informed me that I mastered my science STAAR test and told me how proud he was of me and how all my hard work paid off last year. He never gave up on me or any of his students. He respected every student, teacher, and parent. His presence brightened up the halls and everyone’s day.” This testimony was from a 10th grader from Cy-Ridge High School. She is one of many who made these testimonies on Instagram.

 Another group of students held a meetup on November 3rd at 1 pm, many gathered in support of the faculty members. They made posters, they shared their stories and agreed that what was happening was unfair. They wanted their voice to be heard on the topic “please consider all the great things he’s done for our community because he’s done so much and if he’s fired, I’m afraid we’re going to lose such a great teacher.” Said by Ben Lai, a 10 grader, from Cy-ridge High School. He’s one of the many big supporters of the faculty team, doing what he can to contribute just so their voice is heard. The voice of a community strives for positivity and justice.

Even adults were involved, helping the students have a voice and providing what support they could give on the situation. “We’re just trying to spread the word on his character that he’s a good man, he’s a great teacher. He’s encouraging the students so we appreciate that and we just want everyone to know it.” Reyna Hernandez, a parent of one of the students from Cy-Ridge Highschool had that to say. She hosted the meetup along with her daughter who supported the faculty member and wanted to help students express their support for him.

Though the faculty member is on administrative leave, the students believe that their voice will help convince Dr. Perry to take him off administrative leave. The students show that a community can come together and do a positive for the world. The faculty member made a big impact on this small community and that alone is something that can’t be changed.