Giving Thanks!

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Clyde Barnes Jr., Staff Writer

It’s that time of year! Where food and family are at the center of celebration everyone gathers at the table to celebrate the values of family, friends, and food. Thanksgiving despite its history is a time for giving thanks and enjoying some amazing food. No matter who is celebrating this day everyone has something or someone who they cherish and see as valuable. To many, this means different things, but everyone has a light in their lives that they hold on to. 

“Thanksgiving has always been important to my family,”junior Michael Thompson said. “I think everyone has something they appreciate and my family we usually celebrate it often.” Thompson further explains his love for food in the celebration, all the while mentioning how common the traditions of thanksgiving are. How many hold the values of thanksgiving as important and normal, not only for some but nearly everyone. 

Besides family, the star of Thanksgiving is the food. From daily dishes to traditional cuisine the food is where it’s at. And some foods are just essential for gathering. Food makes people come together and share their thanks, all the while being good for insta-pics. 

“I really like ham, to be honest turkey is just disgusting to me. That’s just how it is I don’t like turkey, but don’t get me wrong STUFFING… now that’s where it’s at,” Thompson said expressing his (hilarious) hunger for stuffing.

The “STUFFING” might be where it’s at, but everyone knows this holiday is always about giving thanks. It’s in the name. “I am grateful for my friends and family because they are always there for me when I need them. Every time. And that makes me thankful knowing it could be worse,” said Michael. So this alone is a reason to celebrate; family and giving thanks. The time we share and spend time with one another. 

Since the early years of our country, we have been gathering during this holiday. To not only celebrate (and turkey), but also to be with family… and to give thanks!