Quill & Scroll Journalism Honor Society

QaS-1926-900x805Overview: Cypress Ridge’s chapter of Quill and Scroll, the International Honorary Society of High School Journalists, continues as an active and vital part of Cy-Ridges advanced journalism program. The Society, as a whole, has always taken an active part in raising journalistic standards and in directing the course of high school journalism. The purpose of the organization is to encourage and reward individual achievement in journalism and related fields.


Membership qualifications:

When a candidate is recommended for membership, he or she pays a one-time $25 initiation fee. There
are no annual dues. The Society then provides the initiate with an official membership pin, membership
certificate, and a one-year subscription to Quill & Scroll magazine. Members of Quill and Scroll Honor
Society must be chosen from students enrolled in the high school who, at the time of their
recommendation, meet the following requirements:
1. They must be of sophomore, junior or senior classification.
2. They must have the equivalent of a B grade average, or be in the upper third of their class in general
scholastic standing, either for the year of their election or for the cumulative total of all high school work.
3. They must have done superior work in some phase of journalism or school media work. They may be
staffers of a magazine, newspaper, yearbook, news organization, online site or radio/television station at
the school, or one conducted by an external organization.
4. They must be recommended by the supervisor or by the committee governing the media.
5. They must be approved by the Quill and Scroll Executive Director.

Student can earn an honor cord to be worn during graduation.

Activities/Competitions: Activities include an annual initiation ceremony held in the spring. All members of Quill & Scroll have been productive members of the newspaper or yearbook staff, and through those student publications, members have competed in a variety of journalism competitions including those sponsored by the Journalism Education Association, Interscholastic League Press Conference, National Scholastic Press Association and more.

Sponsor: Mrs. Vest

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Quill & Scroll Journalism Honor Society