Karina Vasquez

Karina Vasquez, Reporter

Karina Vasquez is a senior and she is a reporter for the Cypress Ridge RamPAGE.

She is commonly known as an introvert, yet she has things going for herself. She

believes that anyone with a voice can have the power to change the world; they

just have to find the correct way to use it. She is Living life to enjoy the simple, little

things at the moment, and she’s longing for the day where she can finally spread her

wings and fly freely by traveling all around the world, recording her legacy of

actually being alive and not just existing. She takes facts of actions or incidents that have happened and

questions why. She’s an anime lover, real music is life, real hip-hop is dead, and Tame

Impala is beautiful. And of course, cats and pandas are love. She still dreams of

becoming a hippie with her 1969 Volkswagen Bus.

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February 5, 2016
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Karina Vasquez