Show That Ridge Spirit


Photo by Cinthya Alvarez Mendoza

Emily Castro, Staff Writer

Spirit week. The week where the whole school gets together as one to show their spirit. The chance where, for some, many important memories are made and people get to bond over the school they come from. However, along with all sorts of fun and festive themes for spirit week come the rules of dress code that students still have to follow. 

“I think [spirit week] could be better and more fun but since we have dress code, it’s kinda reasonable cause most of the students are ignorant and they like, wear booty shorts and stuff like that and that can’t be allowed at the school cause like, it’s school,” junior Debra Hubbard said. To Hubbard, she believes that spirit week isn’t all that bad and that, taking into account the school’s dress code, it is fairly reasonable. However, Hubbard still believes the school should come up with better spirit day ideas. 

“Yeah! We should definitely create better themes but like together, as like, a school. We should absolutely do meme day for real. Or vine day. That’d be like, so litty because people would like it. Like, everybody would get involved in that. If it was an actual thing and an actual day, everybody would do it and that would make way more people like Cypress Ridge,” Hubbard said. 

“To me, spirit week is the week to get more people involved and appreciate their school. Going here since junior year, I’ve come to appreciate it a little bit more. Go Rams!!” Hubbard said.