Fresh and Beneficial


Photo by Freddy Vazquez

Victoria Garza, Staff Writer

If you ever wanted to purchase fresh fruits somewhere other than the store or just want to do something positive for the community, then the Cypress Ridge band produce sell presented this opportunity for you this past weekend. This fundraiser presents an opportunity for members of the Cypress Ridge band join together to build up funds for their organization. The funds raised help not only in purchasing instruments but also so the band will have enough money to take their members on various field trips. On September 21st and 22nd, the 5th annual band produce sale was held at the north end of Cypress Ridge, which band director Armando Robeldo sets up as a tradition in the organization.

“All funds that are donated to the Cypress Ridge band help purchase instruments, props for the marching show, and show design for the marching show. Recently, it has helped purchase brand new Marching mellophones,” Robeldo said.

  As with any event, positives and negatives presented themselves. A few students from the sale admitted that it was most unorganized sale they’ve ever held. They had different produce than predicted and many weren’t informed of the produce changes. The list, although not anticipated, included many different types of produce including: melons, honey dew, green apples, Ambrosia apples, zucchini, yellow squash, cucumbers, cantaloupe, celery, pineapples, pumpkins, mangoes, green bell peppers, jalapenos, red onions, white onions, green grapes, red grapes, and limes. Many customers were expecting strawberries since they had them last year and were a big hit at the sale; however, it was a disappointment this year when they didn’t find them on the truck. This year was all about melons that were priced at $1 per melon, they had around five boxes filled with a variety of fresh melons.

“We lost some sales from customers since we didn’t have strawberries or other produce that we sold last year. Some people were disappointed, but we didn’t even know that we weren’t going to get some the produce until it didn’t show up on a truck.” sophomore Emma Contreras said.

The highlights from the included a parent that cut up fruits for the students, representatives from Country Fresh and volunteers from the New Life Women’s Center. He would cut up cantaloupe, pineapple, honey dew and even mangoes so that all can enjoy and sample the fresh juicy fruits. Though that wasn’t all, the music also brought fun to the sale, the celery stand was having a dance party. The music and dancing made the produce sale all the more enjoyable. The celery stand was not the only one entertaining stand once the cucumber stand started doing pushups for every sale. Many of the other stands started making slogans for their stand.

“Don’t buy a Snapple, get an apple,” sophomore Ryla Williams said as she enticed more guests to come look at their apple selections.

The produce sale had its highlights, but it also brought positivity to the community by donating some of the funding to the New Life Women’s Center. Volunteers from the women’s shelter came by and help out the produce sale by volunteering as cashiers, they’ve done this for 5 years. Though this isn’t the only organization helping out, Doug Burris from Country Fresh helped out in the last 6 years. He was friends with previous band director Mr. Andrew Nixon; after Nixon’s death, Burris decided to help the produce sale by providing food for the students. The sale filled with support and handled with care by all the parents, students and volunteers that took time out of their day to build up a sale that not only brings positivity but unforgettable experiences.

“The produce sale started when the previous band director, Andrew Nixon, talked to his childhood friend, Doug Burris. Mr. Nixon wanted a fundraiser to help the Cypress Ridge Band raise money through fruit baskets with his contact at Country Fresh Produce Company. Doug stated that he had a better idea and he came up with the produce sale,” Robeldo said.