The “R” in P.R.I.D.E.

Clyde Barnes Jr., Staff Writer

Cypress Ridge is a school that is based on the foundations of diversity and reliable education, so it is no surprise that our school is proudly a mixing bowl of creativity and people. We the students have an opportunity to be in a comfortable working environment that is fit for just about each and every individual in the school. This giant box of young scholars has been a second home to many, but as the individual steers into the mass we often forget that the most important aspect of being not only a student but also a future adult is “Respect”. 

Respect is something that is not left behind by all but is still the most critical part of being a young adult and a human being. The underpinning of our campus is established by the very concept of P.R.I.D.E., and I would argue that the “R” in pride is of much importance, maybe more than the rest. The district laid these codes of morals not to oppose the individual but to support them, and respect is needed for all people of all colors and all ages. Young men and women have only one job in school, and that is to learn, but respect will benefit the student and their peers. 

So what is the “R” anyway? And how can I show respect? To ask such a question is to ask “How does a heart beat?” It is easy to answer the question, but first I must state how much I feel for the students. Respect can be hard. Especially when there are so many people it can be hard to stay true to yourself. People can be rude, but no matter how people treat you have respect for yourself. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. Not even students or teachers. Just do your job in class and respect yourself and others.

Besides the basics of respect that a majority are aware of. Respect can go beyond just the treatment of human beings (what a surprise), but also the environment. The school bathroom, commons, classes, and more, should be treated with respect. This will here has been an issue with the way we regard the condition of our school. The school is only as clean as we make. Without the support and action of the students here, our school will not reach the full potential it is capable of.  

So, respect, a seven-letter word that derives from the Latin words; re (meaning back) and specere (meaning look at). This word captures the values that have helped to protect many, and though all may not show the level of respect you have shown, you have the capability to hold what is essential to yourself, others, and the environment. Because a school is not made of classes, it’s made of you the student. Despite the school not being 100% a democracy we the students have the power to control ourselves and show “Respect”. Your high school experience depends on you.