New change in schools

Opinions on the new change brought to the school… clear backpacks

Isabella Balderas, staff writer

June 21, 2018 superintendent Mark Henry sent an email to all parents saying that students in CFISD  would be required to wear a clear backpack starting this fall. On many people’s social media they had different opinions about the new policy, some agreeing with it and saying that it’s good for our safety while others didn’t have the same opinion. At one point there was even a petition that has 984 supporters, and it keeps increasing by the second. (

Junior Caris Parry, still thinks there are more actions Cy-Fair can take into play but thinks this is just a small step into making schools safer. There are questions being asked such as, Should the school add some things that could be more useful like metal detectors or do more surprise searches?

Diana Lopez with her backpack taken by Isabella Balderas

Photo by: Isabella Balderas
Diana Lopez with her backpack

”They could have gotten metal detectors, it’s easier than clear backpacks and it’s way safer to walk through something rather than having someone hide a gun in a bag,” Parry said.

Sophomore Talisa Mcbride, also believes that clear backpacks won’t stop a student from bringing something they shouldn’t be bringing to school in the first place, she actually believes it’ll give students around Cy-fair something to be mad about. On the other hand, she feels comfortable with them and doesn’t see them as the worst thing in the world.

”I think that the only reason we have clear backpacks is that the staffs too lazy to check our things so everyone’s gonna see our personal items,” Mcbride said.

But for newcomers in the school, how would they feel having the pressure of being a freshman and having everyone look inside of their belongings? How does it feel to them starting a new school with people who can just glance at your bag and see whatever they want and take it?

Different kinds of backpacks allowed taken by Isabella Balderas

Photo by: Isabella Balderas
Different kinds of backpacks allowed

I asked 10 freshmen students what they thought of the new backpacks, two said “It’s ugly and useless”, one of the ten liked them and said “I love the new rule, it’s here for our safety and I’m all about safety,” the last seven didn’t really care about the backpacks, ”It’s not a hassle for me, It’s not like I’m walking around with all my secrets in my backpack, but it’s also ugly.”

A lot of districts don’t have clear backpacks and that makes students think if it’s really for safety or is this whole new rule just stupid? Why would some school districts not have clear backpacks but some do? Even elementary schools in Cy-Fair don’t have clear backpacks but should they?

“Yes, you can’t underestimate a child, they have to get used to it for middle school and high school and they’re kids, they could accidentally bring a gun and shoot someone. Never underestimate anyone, child or adult.” Parry said.