Horrors of the boys bathrooms

the disgusting truth behind the walls of the boys bathrooms and its effect

An inside look to the boys school bathroom

An inside look to the boys school bathroom

Jimena Jimenez, staff writer

“Filthy, repulsive and exposing” those are the only words that male students use to describe the school restrooms, Something that should be giving them “privacy”. Let me give you an idea of the so-called privacy they are facing…

Imagine walking in, there is two stalls and three urinals that are no more than 2 feet apart. The mirrors hang directly across removing all form of “privacy” that was to exist. But the real lack of privacy is in between urinals, there is no wall separating you from the classmate next to you or his peering eyes.

This removes the concept of privacy that should be expected to be available in the restrooms. This is the condition that not only is occurring in high schools but, elementary and middle schools as well. This issue is not only an invasion of privacy but it’s also a health concern that affects self-esteem.

To begin with, the restroom is a place that should be sanitary and a comfortable location for individuals to go about their business, that’s how it should be, but without these walls, males get anything but a comfortable restroom.

“When guys are just in the restroom grooming their hair then its calm and in a way you can do your business in peace, but when it’s crowded and very loud in there it’s very intense and hostile as well,” freshman Sebastian Aguillon said.

Aguillon acknowledges the rarity of walls beside urinals and finds that such a partition would be more privacy favoring and reassuring towards the more reserved use of the restroom.

“In a bathroom, with urinals, I would feel very safe because nobody can see your privates which is really embarrassing but having urinals would make me feel more secure,” Aguillon said.

Many students find these conditions very uncomfortable and as mentioned earlier, privacy invading. Students don’t hold the privacy they require especially in what should be a private area. Studies have shown that many students refrain from using the school restrooms, and would rather wait till they get home than use the urinals that are installed in the school.

This is where the health issue lies. Doctors have reported that holding in your body’s fluids for long periods of time can lead to a Urinary tract infection. How? Well as it turns out because many students hold in their fluids for long hours their body’s don’t receive as much water.

The reason being that when your bladder is full, your brain refuses to receive liquids of any kind until those fluids are disposed of. Another health issue that is ignored is kidney stones that can be a result of holding in your fluids; And in certain extreme cases, it is even possible for the bladder to burst.

This is only one part of the issue, health concerns do not cover the embarrassment of using the restroom in front of a stranger, as students grow, self-esteem is a big thing. Using the restroom in front of another individual is like exposing yourself to a random person.

Restroom privacy doesn’t only affect male students, in fact, it goes as far as to affect male teachers as well. Robotics teacher Kenneth Parker recounts how uncomfortable it is to go to the restroom in need of a simple moment of privacy only to be faced with the awkward conversation from students.

“I just want to go to the restroom and do my business and go but some kids think that no walls mean they can turn over and talk to me, that’s my moment to myself like no man I don’t feel like talking,” Parker said. The privacy that is expected is ignored as there are no physical boundaries to promote it.

“Personally I like privacy, I don’t like people looking at me. I’m always waiting to go in a stall because so many things can happen especially now because people look at you. It would be a good idea to add dividers because it’s really weird with another guy looking at you and boys in high school are disgusting, dividers would leave people alone and stop them from talking to you,” Parker said.

As boys are expected to use the restroom without walls to separate them from one another they are forced to face this kind of situation. As students grow older privacy becomes more necessary and it seems to get less enforced.

Freshman Eduardo Jimenez expresses the self-conscious feeling that males undergo when in the restroom

“It feels like a lack of privacy, like imagine going to the restroom a place of privacy and just being exposed to everyone all around you, ” Jimenez said.

It creates an uncomfortable environment for male students as the place that everyone without fault should have privacy is more intrusive than it is reassuring to a private atmosphere.

“If a restroom with wall were an option then would definitely prefer that, honestly nobody wants to go to the restroom to pee and have some stranger look down at your stuff you know,” Jimenez said.

A restroom is a place where students should feel comfortable and secure versus insecure and embarrassed. Self-esteem is important in students, especially, in a society where appearance is always judged and privacy is rare.  

There is more to this issue than just a simple complain it seems like a very small issue but it’s this situation that is now creating a great impact on students and teachers worldwide. Things like this are what ultimately affect boys self-esteem, which makes them feel embarrassed. This, of course, isn’t intentionally done it is mostly overlooked it is overseen which oftentimes creates an ignorance towards the situation.

“The walls would create a commodity not only for students but teachers as well, I would never have to worry about someone looking sideways anymore,” Parker said.