Fashion History on Repeat

Trends from the past have an impact on trends for today.

Jimena Jimenez, Staff Reporter

What will you wear today? Will you pick flare or skinny jeans? A denim jacket or black hoodie? Windbreaker or bomber jacket? Overalls? Will your hair be in braids or perhaps a loose bun?
Celebrities dominate pop culture through music and film, but these are not the only way in which they impact our lives. The trends we follow and the fads we pursue are also influenced by such icons.

The trends today are a reflection of what fashion icons like James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Twiggy and James Brando wore over half a century ago. From the revolutionary denim jacket, bomber jacket, flare jeans and who could forget overalls?

In the 1960s, one of the biggest fads was the bell bottom or flare jeans, but like all fads, its temporary influence lasted as long as today’s loose clothes fad that has grown popular over the past months but will essentially fade.

But the inspiration for baggy clothes, bomber jackets and the accessories we wear come from a variety of idols, that created the fads we have today.

“Kanye West and his brand being known for being baggy and the distressing on his jeans and shirts within his collection, which influenced many brands like H&M and F21 to make their own version which blew up the market. Nowadays, you see everyone with distressing on their jeans,” sophomore Andrew Martinez said.

Martinez is known among his friends for his trendy and unique sense of style that he displays each day. He plans on pursuing a career in the fashion industry to create his own clothing line.
“I feel as if it’s cool to pursue a career in fashion. Not every day does someone wanna become a fashion designer or anything above those lines,” Martinez said.
To him, fashion trends impact society at an emotional level as well.

“I personally feel as if fashion is a way where people can get by simply putting together an outfit. Vivid and loud colors play a big part too. It is even a way of showing one’s emotions through their clothing,” Martinez said.

Junior Mekayla Hughes is aspiring to be a fashion designer in the near future and is currently tracking trends as part of her fashion blog. To her, keeping up with the latest trends is part of her everyday norm.

The importance of fashion is greatly debated over as many can view it to be a trivial matter, but Hughes views fashion as something that affects everyone.

“Fashion trends I feel ultimately affect all of us, of course, it all depends on the audience because some of the will either jump on that train or will look at you crazy. Take Rihanna for example, she wore a tight skin dress that made her look naked or Beyonce in her latex dress,” Hughes said.

But let’s not forget about the influential but short-lived fads such as ruffles on shirts and rompers.

“The fad I believe that had the greatest impact would be bucket hats. Bucket hats were stylish and was a great way to cover up a bad hair day. Plus, they looked good on both boys and girls, came in many styles, and could practically go with almost anything,” Hughes said.

Fashion is a worldwide concept that impact all of us as icons from all around leave their mark.

“Personally I think South Korea’s fashion culture is amazing and it’s leading fashion revolution as everyone is adapting something unique from it,” sophomore Mathew Nguyen said. Nguyen enjoys following the trends while staying unique and true to himself.

“Everyone has an impact on fashion trends whether they notice or not. Fashion affects people’s self-esteem and personal confidence,” Nguyen said.

Fashion icon James Dean brought about the popularity for the now sought after Bomber Jacket in the 1950’s. A unisex accessory that gained attention after worn by celebrities like Beyonce and Chris Evans, also known as Marvel’s Captain America.

“As of today, I think James Dean left the greatest impact on fashion trends. Girls and guys pull inspiration from him, even today, from the bomber to the white t-shirt,” Nguyen said.
But why do these icons dominate the fashion industry?

“People like Marilyn Monroe and James Dean were fashion icons because they were confident in what they wore. What made them so influential is people hopping on the bandwagon to be cool,” Nguyen said.

The influence arranged by these icons also affects our hairstyles and trends.

“Nowadays you see many people that have a specific thing which was popular in the past. Now things like braids and dreads are becoming popular, which can be a really big trend, which it’s becoming,” Martinez said.

Similarly, Hughes said, “Ghana braids seem to be making a transition back, they are braids with different designs and beads, but box braids is something I feel will always be one.”

The denim jacket originating as a male-oriented accessory evolved to be unisex after Marilyn Monroe’s appearance in “The Misfits” in 1961. Nowadays its worn by Victoria Secret model Bella Hadid and is used as one of the most popular accessories in 2018. This is one of the first fashion boundaries to be broken that still influence us today according to

“I feel like clothes with genders have been overthrown by many people in society today. They’re many unisex clothes being worn by both men and women. I feel like nowadays people just wear what they want. You see girls wear baggy joggers, t-shirts, and hoodies, even some men wear makeup. People have no limit to what they wear nowadays,” Hughes said. What the concept of fashion means varies by opinion to each individual.

Fashion to me is for anyone who has an eye for it. What may look good [on] certain people may not look good on others and vice versa. I feel like fashion can involve everyone but not everyone wants to be involved in it. Many people may look at a style and immediately shut it down while others who have an open mind can be more accepting of it,” Hughes said. “Fashion impacts people because it plays with your emotions, and it could make you stand out. What you wear could make you feel better and make others notice you too.”

Unlike in Martinez’s opinion: “All I can say is that wear what you want not everyone is big on fashion trends, be comfortable with what you wear and you shouldn’t judge others if they don’t wear the same stuff you do. Everyone is different.”