Understanding the Transcript Process

Need a transcript? Here's how to get one.


Zohie Walker, Staff Reporter



College is within distance reach, it’s so close one can almost touch it, but before one can grab a hold they must apply for college. When applying for college, must campuses must receive a high school transcript, the register’s office is located by the attendance office and in the window there is a green sign that says “Transcript Request.”

“I went to the register’s office and asked them if I could send off some transcripts,” Sansom said.

Register office staff, Elizabeth Adbala explains the process the student should go through to get a transcript

“The students come to the register’s office, fill out a transcript request form, which is usually blue, and hand it in,” Adbala said.     

Transcripts are forms that keep track of students classes that give out high school credits from middle school, the transcripts also show the students semester grades, class rank, and GPA. These forms are important because it shows colleges how much a student is involved and how well students have done during their middle and high school years. “All your credits from middle school, all classes from 7th grade until your senior year of high school,” Adbala said.

When requesting a transcript, there is a short waiting period for the transcript to be made and processed. The waiting period is 24 hours. After that waiting period,  the transcript will be sent off to the college the student wishes to transfer.

“The transcripts are all built here in the register’s office., Depending on the end of the semester 20 to 30 transcripts are built, on a slow day there are only about 10 transcripts that go out,” register staff, Julie Tomek said.

Adbala agrees with Tomek on how the register’s office gets busy often. When making transcripts for over 3,000 students, can be a bit chaotic.

“The process was pretty short, you just fill out a slip with your colleges or who you want to send it off to, and you circle whether or not it’s an official transcript or unofficial transcript that you have to request, and you give it to them and they tell you can either give the money then or if you want to send it off on a future date then you can give them the money like in the future,” Sansom said.

Students are allowed to access their transcript online, but the fee is higher than in person. The fee to have a transcript sent offline is five dollars. Former students can also obtain a transcript but must go through a different process, then a current student.

“Depending on if the students are current or if the student has graduated they must go to the records department or purchase the transcript online,” Abdala said. The records department is located at the main Cypress Fairbanks Independent School District office located off West Road and Barker Cypress.

When applying for college, is it best to be sure everything is turned in on time. Applications and transcripts must all be sent to the college the student has applied for, by the date all applications are due. Sansom started the process the day before the Christmas break and gives advice on getting a transcript before them.

“Don’t wait before the break, like, basically if you wanna get it sent off right away after a day or whatever because they usually say to wait a day if you’re trying to get it sent off as soon as possible then make sure you don’t procrastinate,” Sansom said.