The Impact of “God’s Plan”

Drake did a good deed, what good deed will Rams do?

Zohie Walker, Staff Reporter

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Drake did a good deed

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Rapper/Singer Drake gives away all of his video money to the people of Miami, FL.

Have you heard the lyrics, “She said, do you love me? I tell her only partly, I only love my bed and my mama I’m sorry.”? What you probably haven’t heard is that the rapper Drake gave away $966,631.90 to the community while shooting the “God’s Plan” video in Miami, Florida.

Drake gave away a large amount of money to help those in the community, and also challenged fans to do the “24 hours God’s Plan Challenge,” to do something nice for someone around you.

Junior Gervin Flores said he would be generous as well if he had the money to give away like the music artist.

“If I had all of Drake’s budget I probably would buy my parents a house including their needs, like groceries, bills, and stuff. I would split the money with them, and then, of course, buy my own place,” Flores said.

Junior Theresa Rodriguez also mentions using the money to help out her family with their needs.

“I would get my mom her dream house and dream car, and help my dad with any bills he has to pay,” Rodriguez said.

While Flores and Rodriguez mention helping their families with their needs, junior Cameryn Mountain feels that money could be used for different acts of kindness.

“If I had Drake’s money, I would along the lines of doing the same thing especially since the song is called ‘God’s Plan’ like I would want to do what God would want me to do with that money and not just be selfish,” Mountain said. “Giving the money away to people that you love and care about is the first thing that came to mind, but there is more to the cash than just being generous, in other words, ‘Treat yo self.’”

Rodriguez added: “I would invest in a new car, a new house, maybe like you know my own personal little hair stylist and nail person.”

Some will invest in themselves for personal needs, while Flores and Mountain say they would invest in the stock market.   

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The video budget was $966,631.90 and Drake gave it all away.

“Yeah I would invest in somethings, like my own food place or invest in the Nike stock because I like Nike,” Flores said.

Mountain said: “If I had Drake’s bank account I would just first invest; I’ve always have been a fan of the stuff rich people do to get richer, like save money and not lose it.” 

In the video, Drake personally gave the people of Miami money, and their reactions were full of genuine joy. Some cried, others humbly accepted the money and said “thank you” while giving Drake a hug.

“I would be so happy, I’d be the happiest person in the world. I mean not that money is everything, but it gets you stuff and gets you places, so I’d be pretty happy,” Rodriguez said.

Money is an important necessity in life in America, but can money make one satisfied with the life they live?

“I don’t think money can buy you happiness, because, for me, friends and family are enough to make me happy,” Flores said.

Mountain and Flores believe that money can’t buy happiness, but Mountain believes that money is something one needs in order to live, but in the end, everything will be alright.   

“I don’t think it could buy happiness, but it can sure help with whatever you’re going through cause at the end of the day its all love,” Mountain said.