Seniors’ Sentiments about Graduation

Seniors graduation is closer than you think.`

Getting ready to put on that graduation cap.

Getting ready to put on that graduation cap.

Alexis Tunal, Staff Reporter

As senior graduation approaches quickly, many senior students prepare themselves for the big day they have been waiting for since their first day of kindergarten. Graduation is a big milestone, meaning leaving high school, leaving one’s childhood and becoming an adult.

“The day of graduation… I’m not too sure how I’m gonna feel, all I know is I’m gonna be walking the stage taking a step out of my childhood and entering my adulthood,” senior Avery Lee said.

Graduation takes place June 2, which means that the Class of 2018 must focus on what they want to do for the rest of their lives. Choosing how they will work, and provide for their future families or just how they want to live the rest of their life.

“[My] plan after high school is to go to Lone Star for two years then to transfer to Texas State to get my bachelor’s degree to be a therapist, then go all the way to my [psychiatrist] so I can prescribe pills to people,” senior Priscilla Vasquez said.

Mayra Saldivar also has dreams of her own.

“My plan after high school is I’m gonna do my [basics] at Lone Star then transfer to UH for their teaching program,” Saldivar said.

High school isn’t just about work.  It has helped people in many different ways, from teaching discipline to making new memories.

“It’s prepared me because now I know what to face when I’m coming outside of high school and what the social challenges are and how to address them,” Lee said.

Saldivar believes that high school has helped her grow.

“I took a lot of AP classes and that really helps, especially with them being strict with the deadline,” Saldivar said.

“[My] favorite moment in high school would be AVP because when Mr. Pena would leave, I have funny videos of people from that class doing crazy things and also I would never forget making films in general,” Vasquez said.

Saldivar has different memories, as she would attend a large portion of soccer games.  

“My favorite moment would probably be the soccer games with friends,” Saldivar said.

Although seniors will forget most of what they learned, they will always carry the memories they made. Students have a future ahead of them as long as they choose to take the strong path to success.

“My plan after high school is to survive to strive and to always do great no matter what anybody tells me even if its negativity I’m gonna try change that negativity into positivity and just live life to the fullest with no regrets no complaints,” Lee said.