Preparing for AP Testing

Students work towards their desired grade in their 2018 AP exams.


Photo by: Lesly Albarran

Junior Brianna Romo studies for her AP exams by reading textbooks.

Lesley Albaran, Staff Reporter

Finals week is near, but something that is also near and important to AP students is AP exams. The 2018 AP exams will take place from May 7-11 as well as the following week from May 14-18. According to College Boards website, it is an entire week full of exams, which tests whether you understand the material or not. The AP exam is a test that covers math, science, history, English and STEM courses. It has the potential to grant college credit at many colleges and universities. The AP exams test students on what they have learned throughout the year in an Advanced Placement class and will determine whether you have learned enough to replace an entire college course.

Students like junior Brianna Romos are stressed but still find the enjoyment in the class. Romos has already started studying towards her tests.

“There is this online database that the library has provided, not too sure of the name, but it was handed out in a sheet through, Ms. [Abbey] Bryan I think it was, who was going around with an AP, advising everyone for the AP exams, and I’m using that,” said Romo.

The library provides resources, such as the Testing & Education Reference Center, or TERC, that students can access.

Romo said that she noticed many other students talking about AP tests, so she looked into it and it motivated her towards taking AP classes and exams. She says it will help her move towards her career.

“I want to go to college four years; I want to be like a scientist, so that takes a lot of rigorous courses and those four AP exams will help me get there and practice,” Romo said “Kinda sticks to the structure of how college is going to be, and that’s what I was looking for going into these AP classes.”

In her opinion, the AP test is definitely worth taking.

“Colleges also see that you’re taking the AP test and AP classes and they see that you are trying, so I don’t think there is a risk at all, it’s just beneficial and helps you build up and learning how to take notes and just an environment where it’s very fast-paced,” Romo said.

Junior Evin Youm, who is taking six AP classes, English Ⅲ, Computer Science, US History, Statistics H, Environmental Science, and Physics, agrees with Sanchez, also saying that colleges see that you at least tried, but still he is nervous about the test and stressed during his classes.

“I’m taking six tests. This course load is a lot harder than what I did last year,” said Youm, “I’m stressed on how I’ll do on the test.”.

Youm has already started studying for his classes by studying class material and using the AP textbooks. He does find it a bit hard to study though.

“Balancing those classes with wrestling and my other out-of-school activities deprives me of time I could use studying or in the class,” Youm said.

Although he finds the classes hard, he still believes that AP has more advantages for him.

“I thought it would be better for me in the future. It might help me get into colleges I could only ever dream of going to,” Youm said. “I can get college credit for a lot cheaper. I also like that colleges outside of Texas accept AP scores. Also, they look at your efforts and see that you tried.”

Junior Alexis Sanchez, on the other hand, is only taking two out of her three AP class exams. She is taking them to earn college credit, among other benefits.

“Colleges will see that I put myself out there and that I tried it,” Sanchez said.

Sanchez said that one thing she enjoys about AP classes is the teachers, but now wishes she took the college credit alternative.

“I don’t know, because I have never taken the AP exam before, this will be my first year, but I say it’s not worth it, I kinda wish I would have taken Dual Credit instead,” Sanchez said.

Like Youm, she prepares towards her exams by studying the AP textbooks. She has advice for future AP students.

“Time management. Manage your classes, and be sure what classes you really need to take, and if you are struggling with a class, don’t take it AP.”

Romo seemed to also have advice for possible AP students as well.

“If you think you can’t handle it, then it’s OK, there’s nothing wrong with two AP exams you know, cause people wanted to up to like 4, they think they can do it, but then they’re really stressed, so if you aren’t really good with stress, like I am, then don’t take them,” Romo said.