The Past Four Years

What is it like being a senior?

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The Past Four Years

Fernanda Martinez, Staff Reporter

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Last year of their high school life and one step closer to their new college life. High school seniors are on the brink of making some of the biggest decisions of their lives, and for many students and their parents, it will feel as if this moment came sooner than they anticipated.

Choosing the college seniors to want to go to and choosing their definite career can be stressful and scary for the majority of the seniors that do not know what they want to study, or what college they want to go to. For those who already have it figured out, is a completely different story. They know what career they would like to achieve and what college they want to go to.

One of the first choices that come to mind to students is the University of Houston, and it is also David Argueta’s, senior, first choice.

“I want to go to University of Houston because it’s one of the best schools for architecture in Texas,” Argueta said.

The University of Houston is also the first choice for senior Abigail Toro.

“My first choice of college is the University of Houston Downtown because it’s so close to home, the campus is nice, and they have a good psychology program which is what I want to study,” Toro said.

Senior year is supposed to be the year when seniors get to lay back a little and not worry about a lot of stuff. For others, their last year of high school is the best one.

“So far my senior year is going good and smooth with some ups and downs by having a bunch of tests, assessments, and other major grades based work but the senior year is going good because of the freedom. I get to make my own choices towards academic and home life…” Argueta said.

Senior year also comes with a lot of new responsibilities that you have to take care of.

“Definitely making sure that my grades are not slipping and if they are then I’m bringing them up and doing whatever I can to make that possible,” Toro said. “Not that I wasn’t already doing that. Also making sure I’ve paid off everything I have smoothly as possible. Making sure not to miss any deadlines for anything like tests, payments etc.”

Going to college also means preparing for whatever career you decide to take and in order to do that high schoolers often take courses in high school that can help them achieve that goal and help them be more prepared.

“I am taking architecture classes for three years and now I got the advanced one with two classes and I got college Algebra K and some AP classes,” Argueta said.