Cheap Travel Destinations Students Can Save For

Mesmerizing destinations for an affordable budge.


Photo by: Vtoanstar

The largest natural cave called Son Doong that was first discovered in 1991 in Vietnam.

Tia Roberts, Staff Reporter

Traveling can be expensive and not affordable for many. It’s also something that requires a lot of research when visiting a foreign country. This preparation includes booking a hotel, changing American dollars for a different currency, the struggle to communicate due to language barriers and many more. So what are few countries that will fit your budget and help you avoid some of the problems like financial and cultural barriers tourists face when traveling?

Southeast Asia has one of the few cheap destinations to travel to, with its diverse countries that contain amazing sceneries and affordable tourist spots, that are sure to fit your needs and tastes.

Thailand is located in the eastern side of Myanmar and north of Malaysia. It is one of the most affordable countries to visit with the exchange currency of 31.51 Thai Baht in every US dollars as listed in the website Tourismthailand, for example, one night at a hotel can only cost you 24-32 dollars. In addition, Thailand has six regions, a few like the northern point with it’s few well-known tourist spots such as Golden Triangle and Doi Inthanon, Thailand’s tallest peak. On the southern parts are the well-known waterfalls like La-ong Rung Waterfall (Rainbow Waterfall) located in the Yala Province. Upon arrival foreign visitors, from Western countries like Europe and North America are not required to have a Thai visa within a 30-day visit as written by the Thai Embassy and The Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

So is Thailand an ideal low-cost getaway travel destination for a vacation trip? Yes, with its diverse popular tourist spots and no visa policy for travelers from Western countries, and the value of its exchange currency, it will surely be suitable for many travelers.

Photo by: Jojo Nicdao
Famous ancient irrigation system in the Philippines, carved by natives in the mountain now called Banaue Rice Terraces

The Philippines located in the Pacific Ocean is an inexpensive leisure destination, for it offers a variety of activities, with its 7,107 islands as listed in the “Complete Philippines Travel Guide: Everything You Need To Know” written by Anna Faustino on Feb. 12, 2017. For example, a scenic spot for a hiking excursion is the Banaue Rice Terraces a 2000-year-old ancient irrigation system carved into the mountains by indigenous Filipinos. Also, near the terraces is the town of Batad which is well known as the home of 95-year-old Filipino tribal artist Whang-Od, who is the last to tattoo using traditional methods. In addition, the language spoken there consist of Tagalog and English which will make traveling easier and more sufficient. Lastly, the exchange of currency is 47 pesos in every one American dollar which makes it very affordable for many travelers, like it enables to buy a complete meal.

Is the Philippines worth the travel?  Yes, with the number of islands it provides many options, also the common language barrier many travelers face will not be a problem here.

Vietnam, located left of South China Sea, is a country that has modernized, but similar to its capital of Hanoi, has still kept many of its traditional architecture like the former grand imperial city where Ngo Mon Gate can be seen, as listed in the website Vietnam-guide. It also has many unexpected sceneries like the desert called Red Dunes located in the northeast of Mui Ne Beach where many tourists go to participate in sand-sledding. Furthermore, it has the world’s largest natural cave called Son Doong that was first discovered in 1991 by a local named Ho Khanh and that’s has now become very common for travelers to visit. Also in the city of Hoi, An prices are low for food and drinks and even hotels that became one of the highlights for most visitors in Vietnam. In addition to every one dollar is 22,000 VND (Vietnamese Dong)  which proves how inexpensive Vietnam is.

Does Vietnam fit the category for an ideal affordable visit? Yes, because although Vietnam has its modernized urban centers, it still maintains its unique cultural aspect which makes it is worth the travel.

Naturally, there are many ways to get a cheap trip or vacation like by staying within the country because it’s reassuring or getting plane tickets on sale. However, sometimes it’s good to travel to a foreign country to experience the different cultures and beauties of the world.

Vietnam, Thailand, and Philippines are some of the few countries in Southeast Asia to fit an ideal low budget travel destinations. And, if you’re into Asian culture and society, it will show you a diverse community of Asian community and experience.