Ram’s Netflix Favorites

Escape door from a black and white world.

All the main characters of the original season of Greys Anatomy.

Photo by: Athena LeTrelle

Original “Grey’s Anatomy” cast.

Tia Roberts, Staff Reporter


During the weekends, sophomore Keely Nguyen lays on her bed cozied up with her dog, her eyes crease into a smile, her laughter and giggles echo throughout the room, her eyes scan through the TV screen following each and every detail of the movie Goblin like a kid waiting impatiently for her new toy. The light from the TV screen illuminates her face showing excitement. Nights like these when she can spend time by herself watching a TV show or movie is Nguyen’s ideal escape from reality.

“I like watching Netflix shows because they’re like a break from life, I get to vicariously live through someone else’s life,” Nguyen said.

 Between their extracurricular activities and school work, students spend a fair amount of time watching movies and TV shows on Netflix. Melina Ortega, a sophomore who regularly watches shows on Netflix because of its melodramatic TV shows.

“The top three shows I’m currently watching is “Pretty Little Liars”, “The Originals”, and “Vampire Diaries” because those are the ones the most appealing, the most drawn into dramatic, mystery,” Ortega said.

 Netflix is one of the world’s most used subscription service or app in today’s age because they provide multiple variations in their TV shows and movies and it caters to almost every age gamut. One of its main users are the millennial’s in today’s age because they find it to be quite addictive. According to the article “Netflix Has Deal to Run New Series”, written by Brian Stelter in the New York Times,  Netflix is one of the most uprising TV purveyors and is still gaining more subscribers in the recent years.

“Netflix has more than 20 million subscribers, and it is adding more rapidly, thanks in part to the proliferation of connected screens like iPad,” writer Brian Stelter said.

Junior Chloe Houston enjoys watching TV shows on Netflix and regularly watches it in her day to day life. 

“I do think tv shows are addictive because I feel like we spend so much time on our phones and computer that we all don’t have anything else better to do. So we start watching  Netflix shows and we get really into it because that’s what we as generations do,” Houston said.

In the poll above shows 161 students that were polled on what Netflix shows are mostly being watched by the student body, ranging in the ages between 14-19 year-olds. The poll was randomly done throughout schooldays. The top five are “Grey’s Anatomy” going first with 25 votes, “Stranger Things” going second with 23 votes, “Vampire Diaries” going third with 17 votes, “Riverdale” going forth with 16 votes and “13 Reasons Why” going fifth with 13 votes. This shows that the students here have a diverse taste in tv shows, like dramas, teen fiction, science fiction, mystery, and romance, as seen in the popularity of “Vampire Diaries”.

Despite the fact that most of the students that were polled watches either “Grey’s Anatomy” or “Stranger things”, there are still some few students who enjoy older shows in the 90’s, rather than the new shows in today’s generation.

Sophomore Paulina Brizuela’s go-to show is the 90’s sitcom “Friends”. She likes the hidden message under all the comedy and romance that friends have to go thick and thin before all that. 

Photo by: Daniel (Rise of the Jack O’Lanterns)
Jack O’Lanterns attribute to “Stranger things” character Eleven.

“I feel like even though that show is kind of old you would never get tired of watching it,” Brizuela said.

She likes the hidden message of the show under the comedy and romance.

“It shows that friends go through thick and thin and have a roller coaster of emotions, but in the end, it’s worth it because you mostly care about the people by your side,” Brizuela said, “That’s why it’s my go-to show.”

Although the majority of the students polled generally like shows filled with excitement, comedy, and thrill like “Stranger things ” and “Grey’s Anatomy”, some students prefer a show that has a much more in-depth storyline and stupendous twist.

“One of the shows that have made me cry is “Riverdale” because we as people get emotional connections to the characters. Actually one of the girls in “Riverdale” attempted suicide and that made me cry because I had such emotional connection with her,” Houston said.



Stranger things -23 students

Criminal Minds-9 students

13 Reasons Why-14 students

Fuller House-5 students

Riverdale -16 students

Supernatural-8 students

Grey’s Anatomy-25 students

Vampire Diaries-17 students

Atypical -1 student

Pretty Little Liars-13 students

Friends-4 students

Orange is the New Black-12 students  

Family Guy -5 students

Girl Boss-3 students

The Originals-6 students