Eating Can Actually Make a Change

Choosing a vegetarian lifestyle


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New Options:Vegetarian meals do not stray very far in their good taste from non vegetarian meals.There are other options people must simply look.

Jimena Jimenez, Staff Reporter

Ceasing the consumption of animals could solve worldwide issues.

People as a whole should adopt a vegetarian lifestyle as it will put an end to poverty, conserve the environment, and decline the contraction of deadly diseases.

Although many anti-vegetarians claim the lack of the required protein that is consumed by animals, one can intake proteins as well as other beneficial supplements through non-meat products.

According to The Oxford Vegetarian study in 2000, adopting a vegetarian lifestyle is the action needed to contribute to ending the rise of poverty. In North America alone, if the number of animals consumed reduced by only ten percent, money used to buy produce grain for the animals could be used to harvest crops to feed the hungry worldwide.  As a nation, it would help end world hunger and would establish social prosperity. This could be the start of world peace, as this could put an end to other social problems.

The Earth will not be around forever. If it is not taken care of it humans will cease to exist. Therefore Earth’s conservation is one of the biggest priorities. By, converting into vegetarians it actually helps conserve the Earth more than you think. The urine and feces of 10 billion animals killed for human consumption each year are contaminating the U.S. waterways. These factors are the largest polluters, according to The Environmental Protection Agency. Poultry uses 96.5 billion gallons of water annually in the U.S. That is enough water to meet the needs of four point five million Americans.

Altering eating habits from a meat based diet to a vegetarian one is opting to live longer and healthier. Researchers from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition in 2011 found a 19 percent lower risk of death from heart disease among vegetarians. Consuming meat allows contaminated meat into your body. Thirty percent of fish and chicken is contaminated with salmonella, and as a result, sickening between six point five and eight million people annually. So cutting off meat from the daily diet is preventing putrefaction bacteria (main contributor of indigestion, illness, and disease) from forming in the intestines as meat has no fiber and contain lots of cholesterol; this produces the toxic bacteria. Vegetarians not only have a low percentage of common illnesses but had a 54 percent less chance of getting prostate cancer and 88 percent less chance of getting colon cancer when compared to non-vegetarians. This was proven in the results form Adventist Morality and Health Studies in 2014.

Vegetarians utilize substitutions to obtain the nutrients that meat would originally give them. Substitutions often times fall under the soy category. They are far more beneficial, as they often give twice the amount of protein the body needs as proven by the American Dietetic Association in a 2009 study.

Stop eating meat and start making a change. Replace meat with soy-based products, use alternatives to receive those vitamins and minerals.  Now put an effort and solve worldwide issues. The change is in your hands so we should all act upon it.