A Prideful Cultural Celebration

The voice Club hosts the 10th annual Multicultural celebration for black history month.

Jennifer Rodriguez, Reporter

Caitlyn Jacobs performs a flag routine for the event.

The Annual Multicultural event took place in the Commons on February 12 in honor of black history month. Performances were given by the Voice Club, HOLA, UTSA, students from the Cypress ridge band and choir and others. In total 17 contestants and about 20 counting visitors.

“I was pleased.. They were very good” Attendance secretary Sharon King, who judged the performances said.

Staff members who attended donated monetary funds. Which goes towards one scholarship for college tuition and help purchase books.

Kathy Williamson was in charge of the organization of the production “When we first started in 2004, we had 300 students and 3-4 guest. Of course the first is always the biggest. It was also a larger club of 80 members, and at the time it was an inspirational Choir, which consisted of students from class 2004-2006, who have since then all graduated college.” Williamson said. “This year we had dancers, singers, poets and instrumentalist. We had 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners, but there were no losers, all received prizes, gift certificates and gift cards. It was phenomenal.”

This event was organized to promote the scholarship program for students.