Delving Through the Past to Create the Present

A look into what styles from the past are coming back and why

Jassmen King, Co-Editor-In Chief and Managing Editor

It’s no secret that fashion tends to repeat itself; chokers are the in style neck accessory, wearing denim on denim is the look, and slip dresses are striking back into play. These trends from our childhood and even our parents or grandparents adolescent days are tumbling through the wormhole to the present day fashion trendsetter’s wardrobe.

Whether you took a look from one of your relatives old magazines from the “good ol’ days” or you’re attempting to keep up with what’s the new trend; the latest things to hit the fashion racks are what some would call vintage and have been seen in closets before in the 80’s to 90’s.

Fashion statement pieces such as: chokers, Doc Martens, chunky scrunchies, side ponytails, velvet, crop tops, platform shoes (or Creepers as some prefer to say),  flannels, jellies, “mom”or boyfriend jeans, leather jackets, fishnets are all coming back with a fierce vengeance. But why? Why are these once dated pieces appearing in the closets of 21st century trendsetters; or better yet why does fashion repeat itself at all, why can’t a trend stay in the black hole of a decade?

Photo by: Pinterest
Trends such as overalls, slouchy tops, skirts, and fishnets float from past closets right into the hands of present day fashion lovers.

To answer that question you would have to think about history itself. I know it is such a grueling task, but bear with me here. History is always, even if decades or even centuries past, a living breathing thing; it continues to be added to with every event that passes through the daily lives of the present and instead of it getting lost in the continuous changing times, it carries on with documents, events, people, places, and culture. And with culture comes music, dances, food, traditions, languages, and finally fashion. Fashion has come to play a big part in what a culture is, from the dashiki’s of the African culture to the jeans of modern American culture. Fashion or style is just one of those things we as a human race will always obsess over one way or another; which isn’t that surprising considering all of the different things that a simple outfit can display to a person.

What we wear can express the simplest things like what music we listen to or even the deepest like where we come from and what we may be feeling. Us, or civilization, reverting back to the fashion of the past is somewhat of a coping method of sorts, because no matter how much humans are taught to adapt to new surroundings and situations we will always be hesitant and cautious. So in retrospect we revert back to past clothing styles because it is what is comfortable and what we are used to – whether we know it or not.

In the end, if you are tired of seeing the same things come back – or maybe even if you love that “retro” “vintage” type wear – try to experiment with your own clothes, up-cycle them or even pair something together that you may have second guessed before. Don’t be afraid; be a true trendsetter by establishing something new.