College Night Takes 2

Cypress Ridge experiences College Night the second night

Rhiannon Rodgers, Photography Editor

For the first time ever the annual College Night took place on both Oct. the 11th and 12th from 5-8 p.m. for the CFISD School District. At College Night over 200 colleges come to give out information, along with financial aid and scholarship information. Due to College Night’s big success in previous years CFISD District has split the night into two days for the schools to attend on their assigned days.

Photo by: Rhiannon Rodgers
Colleges from Kansas and Kentucky share information on their schools.

Our students were assigned to the day of Oct. 12th which was the final night of the event. Many students from the school showed up for their second year in a row.

Senior Jassmen King was able to see how college night improved from the past year of 2015. King was able to detail on the organization throughout the event.

“The stations were in alphabetical order and sectioned off,” King said.

King has been to both this year and last year’s College Night where she was able to see a change in the production of college night. Along with the events improvement, the students improved also.

Students were able to improve on their interactions with college representatives in a multitude of ways. Some of which felt the most comfortable about the entire event because of the college representatives.

Senior Ashanti Hughes was able to see a change within himself, due to him maturing from last year and being able to further interact with the college representatives. This helped him to know exactly what he was looking for and what colleges were and were not for him.

“[The college representatives] were the best thing about the night. They were so helpful and informative and all around just easy to talk to,” Hughes said.

Military recruiters were present along with college representatives.

The college fair has helped the college choices of many of the students in a variety of ways  one of those students being senior Raquel Fulgham.

“It really opened my eyes to different colleges that I didn’t know existed,” Fulgham said.

College Night at the Berry Center has proven to influence the students of CFISD. They have not only gained experience interacting with admissions counselors but also gaining knowledge on possible college choices for them along with financial aid.