Ending Procrastination And Dealing With the Inevitable

Upcoming dates to close out senior year and those things you must do before college.

Jassmen King, Co-Editor-In Chief and Managing Editor

The time has come where deadlines are more pressing, dues are mounting, applications have to be filled out, projects are starting to pile on and you are flipping through endless magazines to find the perfect tux or dress for prom. Packing up and moving somewhere new is not so distant and budgeting for a new life is about to start.

Yep you guessed it: it is the final semester of senior year, ladies and gentlemen.

As time ticks down, it is no surprise that deadlines and dues have mushed together into one big humongous elephant sitting on your shoulders. So dear reader, trouble no more, below is a list of all the important dates that seniors need to be aware of for a successful end of the year as well some tips that will make your last few days as a senior not so hectic.

Photo by: Jassmen King
The final important dates every senior should be aware of.

Of course, these are not the only things a senior needs to be aware of or keep in mind as the year approaches its end. But within these last few months, or even weeks depending on when you are reading this, check these tasks off of your lists:

College and Beyond: Apply to some form of college. Some schools do not have a final deadline until the end of the summer, so there is still time. If you have been accepted, let that school know and reserve your space. If you are not applying to college now, consider your remaining options for what you are going to do after high school ends and as your new adult life begins.

Financial Aid: Search and apply for every scholarship you are qualified for. Even if it is only for a thousand dollars, that is a thousand dollars you did not have before. When college life sets in and you need to buy scantrons or a booklet, that extra money will go a long way. Get started with these sites that you can go to for scholarships or college help:

Grades: Make sure your grades are all good, you do not have excessive absences, no pending fees, or basically anything that can stop you from walking across the stage on graduation day; make sure it is all figured out way before those final weeks.

The Necessities and Extras: Make sure you bought your cap and gown, class ring (if you are getting one), Letterman, yearbook (with any personalizations), and make sure you have bought at least a few copies of your graduation photos (you may not care too much about it now, but trust me, you will later on. It is the same with the yearbook).

Once you have done all of these things, build memories and attended all the events you can. Attend prom, go to senior auction, plan a graduation party, plan a road trip with your closest friends for the summer before college starts – do all you can (within the laws of course) and live it up. Enjoy your youth because guess what?