DIY: Charger Cord Protector

Customize and protect your charger at the same time with this DIY

Roxanne Almaguer, Reporter

Photo by: Roxanne Almaguer
This is what your charger cord should look like once completed!

Don’t you hate when that favorite charger of yours accidentally rips or tears? Or when the cord becomes tangled and you have to unravel it? This DIY can help you save some serious money and add a fun unique style to your own charger.

What you will need:
Walmart’s Scotch 700 Electrical Tape ¾ $2.47
Walmart’s 7” Multi-Purpose Scissors $2.72
Michael’s Recollections Craft It Twine Red $5.99


  1. Examine the condition of your charger cord and decide whether or not you need to patch up the tears with electrical tape.
  2. Begin by cutting a piece of electrical tape that will cover up the tears on the cord and gently wrap it around the areas that need to be covered. To guarantee the security of the tape, place an extra piece of electrical tape around the first piece and wrap tightly.
  3. Now, grab the twine of your choice and begin wrapping it around your hand softly until it covers all your fingers or all the twine on the wheel, or whichever method you prefer. No worries, if it you do not end up having enough twine, you can go back and repeat this process.
  4. Then, begin by making a knot at whichever end of the charger cord you desire and make sure it’s secure. (If needed make additional knot until you feel it’s secure)
  5. Start unraveling some twine, cross it across the cord creating a hole, and place twine through the hole pulling slowly but tightly to guarantee clean finish. Repeat until the charger cord is completely covered.
  6. Once you’ve reached the end of the cord, place a knot or two to prevent from unraveling and messing up.
  7. Now, you can enjoy your own cute charger cord and won’t have to constantly buy another cord every time it tears.