Top Prom Looks of 2017

Rhiannon Rodgers, Photography Editor

Prom season is upon us with prom night approaching quickly on May 6 at 7 p.m. However, not everyone has their prom gear ready. Make your prom process go a bit smoother by looking to the top looks of 2017 for both guys and girls, from the traditional basics to the bold and elegant.


Creative Cuts

Photo by: Katyalison
A classic ballroom dress with a bold color would be a hit on the dance floor.

Two piece dresses consist of a crop top and a skirt in the desired style (however many of these dresses are against dress code and girls will be turned away at the door if they wear them). These dresses can be purchased at just about any dress store such as David’s Bridal, Sherri Hill, and Macy’s, with prices ranging from $60-$500.

Simple gowns are all the craze this prom season, because they leave lots to the imagination and allow for the accessories to do the talking. If you’re looking to keep it traditional, ball gowns, are still a safe choice since they have been popular throughout prom dress history of the last 140 years. PromGirl has a wide selection of both simple dresses and ball gowns that range in price from $70-$1,372.

Print Perfect 

Floral Gowns are dresses that have some sort of flower design on them whether they are on the skirt or bodice. Some advantages for choosing this prom look is that it will be easier to stand out and they are easily admissible into the prom venue. But, they can be pricey due to floral being the new trend of the 2017 prom season. David’s Bridal, Jacqueline and Prom Girl have a wide range of these dresses that can be bought as cheap as $50 but can can get as pricey as $800. A stand out color choice this prom season is wine, which is a dark shade of red.

Simply Sophisticated

This year, high necklines and halter necks have made a reappearance into the fashion scene. High necklines meet the base of your neck and cover the collarbone. This can be good when it comes to meeting dress code guidelines, because there is no worry if the dress is cut too far below the bust line or if there is too much cleavage. High necklines also give off a sophisticated look and can be purchased at Simply Dresses, David’s Bridal and Fame and Partners for approximately $50-$1500. Gowns with sheer cut outs are in high demand this year, but dress code states that all material underneath sheer or see through material must meet school dress code guidelines. But some dresses with sheer cut outs that meet school dress code guidelines can be purchased at Jacqueline, David’s Bridal and Jolly Prom for about a maximum of $1,000.


Keep it Classic

The classic look of a fitted suit jacket and trousers that are the same color as the jacket is the basic go-to prom look for guys. Displays your date’s color scheme with a tie or bow tie and finish off the look with a pair of dress shoes to match. 

Photo by: Karen Espinosa
Chavis sports the bold look in the casual wear portion of Mr.Ram

Going Bold

Another popular trend for guys is the bold look of a patterned suit jacket that compliments the pants in some aspects, but is not the exact same as the suit jacket. For a tie or bow tie, choose something simple so it does not take away from the flare of the suit jacket, and this look can be completed with a pair of basic dress shoes to keep it classy. Items for the bold look can be purchased at Perfect Tux, Jim’s Formal Wear and PromGuy for approximately $75-$190.

Leaving it Leisure

If you want to keep it simple and comfortable, try the laid back look of a blazer and trousers that are complementary to each other with dress shoes to match. The trousers must fit securely around your waist in order to be in dress code. Due to this look being more casual, the items for it can be purchased at H&M, The Idle Man and Perfect Tux ranging in prices from $35 to about $140.