Wordly Sweets Of Lolli And Pops

Around The World In One Trip To The Candy Store

The golden gumballs are just some of the many candy decorations at Lolli and Pops.

Photo by: Jassmen King

The golden gumballs are just some of the many candy decorations at Lolli and Pops.

Rhiannon Rodgers, Photography Editor


The golden gumballs are just some of the many candy decorations at Lolli and Pops.

When I first saw the store Lolli and Pops, at Memorial City Mall, I was mesmerized. From the gold and blue candy decorations to the classy glass cases filled to the rim with a variety of candies. I was greeted with a smile from one of the floor workers which made me want explore the store even more. My eye was automatically drawn to the ginormous golden gummy bear in the back of the store, so I headed towards it.

As I went to the back of the store I looked up at the signs from the different aisles that had different country names on them. When I finally reached the Giant Gummy Bear he was surrounded by clear containers that had all kinds of different gummy bears such as, white chocolate covered gummy bears, passion fruit and pineapple gummy bears. My eyes then wandered over to the aisle labeled Asia where they had so many different Asian treats that piqued my interest like, Ramuné Gummy and TK. The store not only had candy from Asia, but also from Mexico and Europe. It was like I was traveling around the world all the while in the middle of candy heaven.

The San Francisco based chain reached far past its ties in California;  the store not only spread throughout the nation of America but it’s products expand as far as Africa. This just so happens to be their mission.

“To create delight by sharing sweetness all over the world,” Ryan Hertel said. Hertel is the executive assistant office manager of Lolli and Pops Candy Store. Hertel tells of how the stores researchers travel all over the world to get new products for their customers. If the  researchers can not find what they want to sell to their customers, they collaborate with chocolatiers and candy makers to create it. But with all the sweets in the world they have a lot to pick from.

Lolli and Pops not only sells candy from around the globe but they also sell candy that was created in the past like Razzles, Sky Bar, Look!, and Goo Goo Cluster. Along with those candies they also sell movie themed candies from movies such as Harry Potter and Willy Wonka.


Even though candy is their main priority, this chain also sells uniquely flavored sodas from the soda company Avery’s. These sodas range from bacon, buffalo wing, and spicy orange crush to kitty piddle, martian poop and monster mucus.

The many different soda flavors at Lolli and Pops

My favorite treat found in this store  was the various kinds of macaroons; each piece was  so pretty and looked delectable. Lolli and Pops is the ultimate shop for all the sweetness in the world.