R.I.P Trends Of 2016

From good trends to the bad, here are the trends that should no longer remain in the new year of 2017.

Dominique Escobar, Design Editor

It’s a new year, a time where we get rid of the old and welcome the new and we should definitely start with trends. Throughout 2016 we have had a lot of trends: from the Andy’s Coming challenge where teens reenact the scene from Toy Story where all the toys drop inanimate on the floor to the water bottle flip that spurned a slew of parody videos. But while some trends are fun for all, we, unfortunately, do have those that make absolutely no sense yet still spread like viral wildfire.

First, let’s start with some positives before diving into the negatives because we all know there are many.  Many can agree that the “Andy’s Coming” challenge (where someone will yell “Andy;s coming!!” and anyone who hears this must fall to the floor like they are inanimate objects) was entertaining to watch and participate in. The videos of the trend originally started in 2013 on what used to be the popular app Vine, however soon after this trend, the Mannequin Challenge (where teens would freeze like mannequins in whatever position they are in while a camera films them)blew up on the internet and had gone viral.

Sophomore Angela Ruiz, made a video of the Mannequin Challenge with  “It’s fun to have, and you get to make friends.”

The Andy’s Coming trend, however, was not the only positive video of 2016; there was also Youtube’s most viral video which had gotten over 135.8 million views as of its release January 13, 2016, Carpool with Adele.

Now onto the negatives. first, let’s start with The water bottle Challenge. Now, most would agree that at first provided most of us with entertainment, a way to enjoy ourselves with our friends. However, push come to shove it has gotten extremely annoying and should no longer be around; Junior Christian Escalera certainly agrees. Although Escalera will agree that the Water bottle has gone on long enough, it’s gotten to the point where it’s not so much entertaining anymore.

“Water bottle flipping after awhile, it just gets tired of hearing the same annoying sound every [freaking] time,” Escalera said.

That’s not the only thing that needs to go away this year, although Dabbing has been around for awhile, it really blew up and became a part of our daily lives last year. But enough is enough and it finally might be time to say goodbye to dabbing.

Let’s see… dabbing; dabbing needs to die, after a while it’s just like ‘come on man I was just sneezing. It was just a sneeze,” Escalera exclaimed.

Trends, however, don’t just mean games, or even memes they could also be fashion trends that are no longer needed or wanted this year. But nonetheless, there will always be new trends this year that will certainly make the list for next year, from fashion to media or even video games. In the end, these trends spread for our entertainment and will inevitably be to share with the world.