DIY: Ring Light

Add Lighting to Any Event or Shoot

Rhiannon Rodgers, Photography Editor

The final product should looks like this.

Lighting is an important aspect in any occasion. It sets the tone for an environment whether it be cool and serious or warm and inviting. Lighting is especially important when taking photos and/or videos because it contributes to how the viewer feels about the content. So you will be shown how to create a ring light for under $50 compared to a Diva Ring Light  that can be purchased for$179.

Materials Needed:

  • Panacea Wire Wreath Frame, Green, 20″: $4.73 at Walmart
  • 18′ Clear Indoor/Outdoor Christmas Rope Lights – 1″ Bulb Spacing: $16.49 at Walmart
  • White 100 Pack 4-Inch Cable Wire Nylon Zip Ties Wraps – 100pk (18 lb.): $2.81 at Walmart
  • Scotch 7″ Multi-Purpose Scissors: $2.72 at Walmart
  • Trim Nail Care Heavy Duty/Medium Grit Salon Boards, Black, 2 count: $1.24 at Walmart

Step One:

Unscrew the lights from the electrical cord connected to it. Then put the electrical cord away so it does not get in the way and you can go back to it once the light is complete and ready for use.

Step Two:

Zip tie the other end of the lights that allows you to connect to other lights to the back of the frame to keep it out of the way.

Step Three:

Zip tie the rest of the lights to the front of the ring on each wire ring until you reach the end of the lights.

Step Four:

Cut off the rest of the zip ties that is left sticking out.

Step Five:

File the cut edges of the zip ties so that they do not scratch or cut you when you pick up or try to move  or adjust your light.

Step Six:

Screw the power outlet back onto the lights then plug and enjoy.

Be careful while creating the light for the sharp edges of the zip ties before they are filed down.Now that the light is complete there are many things that can be done with it, such as using it to take pictures for social media sites, using it to make videos for YouTube, or even using it as a nightlight.