Off the Scoop: Top 10 Ice Cream Flavors

Enlighten your taste buds

Rodrigo Rojas

My love for ice cream started from a young age. I can remember the first time I had ice cream, it was chocolate flavor and it had been the sweetest and coldest thing I had ever had up to that moment in my life. From that moment on, ice cream had become my new favorite dessert of all time.  Over the years I’ve tasted a variety of flavors, and I’m what I like to call an ice cream connoisseur. Here is my personal all time favorite ice cream flavors from my experiences.

Ice cream upon ice cream, equals a perfect day.
Photo by: Lizeth Gonzalez
Ice cream upon ice cream, equals a perfect day.


  • 10: Chocolate (Blue Bell): You can never go wrong with chocolate ice cream. It can be eaten anytime for any event to help sweeten up the mood; whether it be a small social party, a day at the park or nice treat after a long day.
  • 9: Mint Chocolate Chip: It has a very unique flavor mixing both mint with chocolate together, The mint ice cream has a very strong taste of mint and the addition of chocolate chips (or chunks depending on the brand) sweetens up the overall flavor resulting in a bold tasting ice cream. I would recommend eating this in a small quantities at a time because it has such a strong taste.
  • 8: Lime Flavor: Lime flavored ice cream fulfills this job nicely by giving your taste buds a nice surprise. When people think of lime they usually think of something sour, but this is not exactly the case when transferred over to ice cream. Lime flavored ice cream gives your mouth  a break from the usual sweet sugary ice cream and gives you a strong punchy flavor of lime without making your whole face pucker up.
  • 7: Pistachio Almond (Blue Bell): This flavor of ice cream has that sweet nutty flavor that makes it irresistible. The taste of the sweet pistachio and the the salty taste of the almonds bring a sweet and salty taste that any could enjoy on a midnight craving feast.
  • 6: Rainbow Sherbet: This flavor is sold with a mixture of three assorted fruit flavors of either strawberry, lime, orange, pineapple and lemon. You may not like all the flavors, but that’s the beauty of rainbow sherbet, you’re bound to like at least one!
  • 5: Taro Root: You may have not heard of this as it is a little exotic. It’s not very common to see vegetables, and much less a root, made into ice cream. When one thinks of roots sweet isn’t quite what comes to mind, but this root ice cream will blow past your expectations. The taste of this ice cream can be characterized as a sweet nutty flavor, almost like a mix of chocolate and pumpkin pie.
  • 4: Cookies and Cream: A classic favorite. Often eating the Cookies and Cream flavor by any brand is like playing the lottery. Everybody secretly hopes to find huge chunks of cookies that made it pass the cookie crushing machine in serving of ice cream, but these hopes can be dashed with some brands.
  • 3: Homemade Vanilla (Blue Bell): Not to get this mixed up with just any other vanilla ice cream. Blue Bell’s Homemade Vanilla flavor is hands down one of the best store bought vanilla you can buy. Blue Bell’s Natural Vanilla Bean flavor, is  very similar in flavor, but the Homemade Vanilla flavor has subtle differences that make it superior. The Homemade Vanilla when compared to the Vanilla Bean flavor is softer, smoother and a hint sweeter.
  • 2: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream (Blue Bell): Momma always said not to eat the cookie dough when making cookies, well here Momma can’t stop you with this treat. Blue Bell’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavor has the wonderful vanilla flavored ice cream it is known for with cookie dough balls and chocolate chips spread throughout the container. With every spoonful of ice cream you can enjoy balls of cookie dough in every bite.
  • 1: Coffee Flavor: By far this is my all time favorite. It’s like an ice coffee but creamier. In simple terms, it’s like Starbucks but in ice cream form. For coffee lovers like me, it’s a great way to get your coffee fix without burning your tongue! If you’re a coffee fanatic you’ll love this ice cream far more than anyone else. And one more perk is, if your ice cream melts you’ll end up with an ice coffee.