How to Make Pastry Roses (Pizza & Apple)


Photo by: Lizeth Gonzalez

Lizeth Gonzalez, Business Manager

Pastry roses are delicious, creative and one the most beautiful edible snacks you could make in a flash. With all the simple how-to’s available mine will take the cake when it comes to simplicity. Pastry roses can be made out of any combination of ingredients, from pizza toppings to apples. This how- to will demonstrate both pizza and apple roses. Whatever you choose, you’ll need these useful instructions to make any pastry rose. 

Ingredients & Baking

Ingredients for Apple:

1 frozen puff pastry sheet, thawed

2 red organic apples

1 lemon or lime juice

1 tablespoon of flour, for the counter

3 tablespoons of apricot preserve

Cinnamon (optional: will add sweetness)


Baking will vary for the type of puff pastry you choose to use, I recommend using Pepperidge Farm. Mainly because its easier to handle and it makes the pastry much more crisp and soft.

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Ingredients for Pizza:

1 Jar of Prego Pizza Sauce

1 Package of  Hormel Pepperoni

1/2 a cup of mozzarella cheese

1 Pillsbury Pizza Crust rube


Baking will vary once again depending on the which pizza crust you use and the amount of sauce you use in the individual pizza roses. Baking time might vary but make sure to follow the instructions each puff pastry or pizza crust dough requires, or else you might end up having a well baked rose on the outside and a gooey mess on the inside.

To get an ideal apple rose you’ll need to make thin slices of apple, starting with cutting the apple in half and taking out the core. You’ll cut the apple sideways in order to get an arch in your thin apple slices. Which, by the way, if your apple slices aren’t thin enough, they wont curve to create a rose affect when it comes to constructing the pastry. After slicing your apple halves, put the slices in a bowl with water and lemon so the color will stay even through baking. After you place all your slices in the lemon water, place the bowl in the microwave until the apple slices are soft, which will take some time. For the pizza one, just use any type of pepperoni you’d like, but make sure that they are big enough.

After you put your apple slices to soften, take your puff pastry and cut it into equal sized rectangles. Usually the thickness it comes with is ideal, but if you’d like to make them thinner you can always use the rolling pin. Just ensure that each pastry rectangle is large enough to fold in half and small enough to fit in your cupcake or muffin pan. Same goes for the pizza rose, the only difference will be that the pizza one requires pizza dough. The pizza dough does require to be rolled out by a rolling pin or else it might be to thick, and you could end up with a overly stuffed muffin tin, causing it to overflow during baking and becoming a… I guess you can say blob.

Pastry-Rose-(5)Photo by: Lizeth Gonzalez
Next will be the filling! For the apple rose you’ll mix in the desired amount of apricot preserves, and water, together in a small bowl. Adding water will help spread the apricot preserve, making it easier to work with. And if you like cinnamon you can add that inside the pastry as well. For the pizza you’ll use your favorite pizza sauce and the mozzarella cheese. A helpful tip! For all those undesired crack’s in your puff pastry, you can have a bowl of water to seal the cracks away. If your puff pastry or pizza dough is not  cooperating you can always take it and round it into a ball and roll it out with a rolling pin. It’s a bit time consuming, but well worth it in the end.

Pastry-Rose-(6)Photo by: Lizeth Gonzalez
This will be the fun part. After you fill up the pastry with the apricot preserves, you’ll put in the apple slices. You’re gonna wanna drain the apple slices from the lemon water and place the slices on the rim of one side of the pastry. Your apple slices will overlap so don’t worry, that’s just gonna contribute to the rose effect. Same thing will happen with the pizza rose. After you’ve placed you apple slices or pepperoni, you’ll fold the pastry in half, making sure a portion of the apple or pepperoni stick out, and you’ll roll one side to the next until you have a rose pastry!

This part is my favorite! You can use a cupcake tin or a muffin tin for baking, but don’t forget to spray it down with non-stick oil or butter, trust me, it will not be fun when they come out of the oven stuck to the pan. After rolling up both apple roses or pizza roses you’ll have them cook in a circular tin of your own choice and you’ll pop them in the oven depending on the individual brand’s instructions. In complete honesty, you’re just gonna have to keep a watchful eye on them the entire time, the center must cook and the outside must not burn, a bit confusing but manageable. If the center still hasn’t cooked but the outside is burning on you, you can always take them out of the oven and let them cool. After they’re easy to pick up scraps of any burnt pieces with a butter knife and place them back into the oven until the inside is no longer gooey, but soft and cooked. The pizza dough will cook much faster though so keep an eye out. It will be easier to have the apple pastries in one tin and then pizza roses in another in-case one happens to be finished before the other, which in most cases will happen.

Pastry-Rose-(7)Photo by: Lizeth Gonzalez
After a long process but a simple construction you’ll have something that looks like this. The very first time you make them will not be perfect, trust me. It takes some practice and a bit of complaining before you get the hang of it. If they come out looking like blobs, don’t worry, next time they’ll come out looking ten times better. Don’t be discouraged! You will win this pastry battle. If you find that the apple pastry is a bit on the bland side, add some powdered sugar on top or even add some of the cinnamon you have. If you decided to make the pizza roses, don’t forget that the outcome is slightly different. Instead of getting a bland rose, you might end up with a very sauce filled rose, so don’t freak out when you have a bit to much sauce, or in some cases, too little of an amount of sauce. Just add more by making the leftover pizza sauce into a dip. It will do wonders! I hope you like this recipe and if you’d like to see more like this check out She is the original inspiration when it came to the pizza roses, but the main cook when it comes to the apple pastry’s. I hope you enjoy your dessert’s and have a stress free experience!