Shorts: 10 songs from 10 years ago

Get ready to belt them all out

Circe Marez

Even though we are still in high school, we still feel old sometimes. Teenagers feel a different level of nostalgia hearing these songs than adults do, mostly because of the different ages upon release. Single digit years are just different from being a teen or older. Considering as much, here are 10 songs from 10 years ago. Get ready to belt them all out.

  1. We Belong Together—Mariah Carey

  2. Since U Been Gone—Kelly ClarksonKelly Clarkson

  3. 1, 2 Step—Ciara ft. Missy ElliotCiaraPhoto by:

  4. Boulevard of Broken Dreams—Green Day

  5. Brightside—The KillersThe Killers

  6. Beverly Hills—WeezerWeezer

  7. Beautiful Soul—Jesse McCartney

  8. Feel Good Inc.—GorillazFeel Good

  9. Sugar, We’re Going Down—Fall OutFall Out Boy

  10. Photograph—Nickelback