DIY Cell Phone Projector

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DIY Cell Phone Projector

Mercedez Rodriguez

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Do It Yourself (DIY) cell phone projectors, they sound hard to make, but you only need a few items that you can find laying around a house. It is only a few simple steps, until you can start watching your favorite Netflix shows and YouTube videos right on the wall anytime.

You will need:

  • A shoe box (of any size you can find laying around the house)
  • Play-Doh (any color)
  • The lens from a magnifying glass (size does not matter)
  • A cell phone (any phone that can lock the screen and be rotate but In the pictures is an iPhone)
  • Hot glue gun.
  • Paint (optional)


DIY Cell Phone Projector (1)Photo by: Mercedez Rodriguez
Step One: Get a shoe box and pick any side of the box. Pop out the lens of the magnifying glass and outline the lens on the outside of the box. Find the side that does not have card bored over lapping each other. Most shoe boxes it will be easier to draw the circle on the longest side of the box (length).

DIY Cell Phone Projector (2)Photo by: Mercedez Rodriguez
Step Two: Cut out the circle and stick the lens the open space. Using hot glue can help stick the lens in place. Be careful not to burn your fingers while using the hot glue gun.

DIY Cell Phone Projector (3)Photo by: Mercedez Rodriguez

DIY Cell Phone Projector (4)Photo by: Mercedez Rodriguez
Step Three: Get out a phone and the Play-Doh. Open the box and the place the Play-Doh across from the lens.

Step Four (Optional): You can paint your shoe box to add your own personality. Just remember to let the outside dry.

Photo by: Mercedez Rodriguez
Step Five: On the phone lock the screen in place and put the upside done in the Play-Doh. Moving the Play-Doh and the phone closer and father away helps to focus.

DIY Cell Phone Projector (5)Step Six: Turn the lights off and Find that Netflix show that everyone loves to binge-watch.

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