Is it Love or Abuse?

Learn how to identify an abusive relationship.


Photo by: Jimena Jimenez

United we can make a change and show Love through Respect.

Jimena Jimenez, staff reporter

February is the month of love and friendship, and during this month one of the most celebrated holidays is Valentine’s Day. Many focus on the holiday that represents love all around but is unaware of dating violence that affects many people.

About 94 percent of female victims of dating violence are between the ages of 16 and 19 according to And 88 percent of these cases go unreported, leaving a long-lasting effect on the victims.

Love is Respect Week speaks out against dating violence to promote healthy teen relationships. This is a very overlooked situation and in order to promote this campaign, student council took the initiative with a week full of activities, such as dress-up days. The dress-up week started with a heroic theme on Monday, Feb. 12, followed by scarf day, red day, twin day, and ending the week off with tie-dye day.

Violent behavior is a serious situation that teens commonly face and often times lead to suicide and self-harm. In the light of these circumstances, the Cypress Ridge Student Council made it their goal to encourage students to participate and understand the message that Love is Respect stands for.


Dating Violence Statistics

“Love is respect week raises awareness by challenging students to evaluate the true meaning of their relationships, to teach others the importance of finding happiness in themselves first, before they find happiness in another,” junior and student council treasurer Jay Trevino said. suggest that students should value themselves first before taking part in a relationship. Junior Kymbria McGruder finds that self-respect is important when participating in a healthy relationship.

“I have been taught to love myself and feel secure about myself, so personally I think this week places emphasis on the idea that we must love ourselves and not let anyone impede that,” McGruder said.

Dating violence is common and therefore a significant social issue but not the only one circling or mediocre in society. Raising awareness towards Love is Respect is only part of many campaigns that student council has in mind as they plan on addressing other social issues that students face today.

“Student council would love to sponsor a mental health week in the upcoming months,” Trevino added.