Normal to Covid

Clyde Barnes Jr.

Bored out of your mind? Many have been, and just as it seems everyone will return to their normal lives this year: a new normal is presented to each and every individual, as a result of the virus that has touched many. 

“When I first heard about the virus was whenever my brother came into the house: he was like ‘ay yall heard about Corona’. At first I thought he was talking ‘bout the bear, but then he said it was a whole virus coming. I never thought it would get big, but I mean [brief pause] obviously,” said sophomore, Anothony Hernandez. 

Hernandez, like many others, has been caught by surprise and affected by Covid-19, also known as the Coronavirus. This could mean small changes; like school, work, but it can also mean a social change, or a shift within the norm. 

“At first I thought it was a joke. I’m being serious. I was like what the hell. Like what is he talking about,” said  Hernandez.

Then, “I first noticed it was affecting people’s lives when I was sitting at the table and I saw the news. People in China were dying. The president was closing borders.”

The initial lock down resulted in many feeling lost, bored, and confused. This bewilderment can feel like it lasts forever, and for a lot of people, especially students it can be hard to adjust or even find a new normal. What is life after quarantine? 

For Hernendez: “It changed my whole summer obviously, because I stayed inside, but it’s also the reason I got a job, so yeah. I didn’t know working would be a big deal. But [pause] yeah.” 

There are plenty of set-backs in this time. Some miss hanging with friends, others long for activities that involve going out, and others, the simple freedoms they previously had. 

“I wish I could go out to eat with my people, and go to parties, sports… Baseball,” said  Hernandez, rubbing his cheek. 

“I feel like business should close if I’m being honest. That’s what china did. We’re going to have to if we want it to get better.”

The future brings many possibilities. People won’t know when things will end; bringing frustration and boredom beyond the capacity of what students are used to. Despite the uncertainty no one has to accept this. There are things to do, people to spend time with, goals to set. 

When faced with shaping a new normal, Hernendez said, “Advice I would give is don’t finish everything that’s in your fridge. You’re not hungry, you’re just bored.”

It’s a time where several across the world can relate. All stuck inside or not able to live life how it used to be lived. The only thing that remains are memories, but we can create a normal. Just find out how.