Rams in the House


Photo by: Camron Wesley

Cinthya Alvarez , Staff Writer

Who is our true school rival? Is it the Cy-Creek Cougars or the Cy-Fair Bobcats. Maybe the Jersey Village Falcons or the Cy-Falls Eagles, which one is it. The answer to this has been a mystery for many students for the past 17 years. Every year students argue back and forth trying to get the last word on who is the rival. Many students go based on which middle school they went to.

If you say Cy-Fair, try again. Cy-Fair is not our true school rival ending with 0% of votes. It’s true that every year there is competition with them, but that only pertains mostly in sports. Cy-Fair is top at sports, many say that they are one of the best in our division. Football, basketball, volleyball, and every other sport want to win against them. The only rivalry with them is the competition to win. 

The students that went to Campbell Middle School would say that Cy-Creek is our school rival. Sorry to break it to you they are not. Many students believe this because Campbell is divided into two high schools, Cy-Creek and Cy-Ridge. That leads them to think that they are our rivals. Along with Cy-Fair, they are also excellent at sports. Which creates a competition between them and our school. They are not our school rival getting 13% of the total votes.   

Cy-Falls comes so close to being the true rival with 34% of the votes, but it is not. Many students that attended Truitt Middle School encourage that they our school rival. The reason being is that they are also split between Cy-Ridge and Cy-Falls. Many will argue with this because they are also just three miles away from Ridge; considering it the school rival because of the distance in between them. 

The time has come… it is time to announce who the school rival is. It’s an easy guess at this point. Winning with 54% of votes, 20% more than Cy-Falls. Cy-Ridge’s true school rival is… Jersey Village High School. Shocker right! Only being about five miles away and more than 25 years older than Ridge. In sports, JV became the school everyone wants to win against every year. 

“Jv is our school rival! There is no doubt about that. Especially in football this year,” junior Austin Browne said.

 On Sep. 14 of this year, the Rams faced the Falcons at Pridgeon Stadium. The game became intense right at the end. JV was catching up, but the Rams went home with a win of 42-34. Another victory against the school rival. This game was a huge deal. The Rams have just won on the day of the rival’s homecoming game. Now losing a HOCO game is an unwanted event for many schools. Cy-Ridge didn’t just win, but they showed JV that they are not one to mess with. 

Now the students know who our school rival is. Many years of competition and not a single word has been said until now. JV do you have anything to say?