Spooky Season


Photo by: Sebastian Aguillon

Clyde Barnes Jr., Staff Writer

Everyone fears! It is what makes us… well people, and the one Holiday that everyone goes nuts for with both fear and excitement is Halloween. Whether you like the holiday or not, everyone knows about the holiday.  Some might not enjoy or even celebrate it, but undoubtedly the holiday is widely celebrated. kids, teens, and adults all find themselves diving into the spooky season or binge eating candy until their stomach aches, the essential of Halloween.

“I celebrate Halloween because it’s fun to dress up and be someone else or something else for a little bit, and I like scary things; like horror movies.,” junior Naomi Rincon said. 

 “Uhh, I don’t really know why people think Halloween is important. It wasn’t important to me I’ve just grown up doing things for it.”

Ricon and others make it clear that the main intention of the spooky season, or better yet the most fun part of Halloween is to scare or be scared, and this part of Halloween is the heart of the holiday; more important than candy, costumes, and films. In fact, every one of the elements mentioned has a form of fear or spookiness to them. Even if it’s goofy or played out “scary” is the main ingredient of this Halloween. 

For some reason, some of us enjoy being scared (while others don’t so much). “I like being scared it depends if someone is just scaring me to do it, no but if it’s like jokingly playing around and it’s kinda a surprise yeah I suppose I like it,” Rincon said. “The way I respond to getting scared is I jump! Most of the time.” 

When it comes to what’s “scary” everyone has their own creepy memories or chilling terrors; clowns, lonely alleys, isolated buildings, grades-or even the unexpected, but everyone has something that makes the spooked. 

“I’m scared of failure honestly. My Family, but mainly my mom since it’s just her I’m really on top of myself on doing good and trying to make money bc of her. What do I fear failing? If I go to nursing school and I’m not good enough or smart enough to get through it bc it’s hard but I know I got it,” Rincon said.

Even students have fears big and some, real and fake, but that’s the heart and fun of Halloween and the whole month of October. The fact that anything and everything that was too scary or not accepted is acceptable this holiday. Leaving everyone with some of the most memorable moments of their lives. Halloween has a trick and a treat for years, for better… or worse.