HOCO Rebellion


Photo by Camron Wesley

Cinthya Alvarez Mendoza, Staff Writer

It’s been a week since homecoming and many events happened that week. There was a rebellion on the dress-up days. It was a crazy week for all the staff and students. Who would have thought that a rebellion could break out because of the HOCO week schedule? The students were changing the activities of each day because they thought it was lame. Students from all four grades complained, “most of the things on the schedule, they’ve done every year.”

Who started it? That is a question that we are still to this day asking ourselves. It all started with a post on the famous app ‘Snapchat’. The post was meant to be a joke. That little joke someone wanted to experiment which turned out to be a rebellion. All weekend all the students saw on social media was ‘new HOCO schedule.’ A lot of students were happy with the ‘new’ schedule. They started sharing it, making it virial within the school.

Monday was character day, this activity was not changed much, they “changed” it to dress up day or a war between VSCO girl and E-girl. As students walked down the hallway they could see boys as VSCO-girls or E-girls as well as movie characters from Disney, Pixar, and even Marvel.

Tuesday was a crazy day. The activity was tacky tourist which students ‘changed’ to gender swap. This day had a lot of controversies. Students were spreading rumors about getting expelled if they did the gender swap. Although that was going around that didn’t stop the students to dress up as the opposite gender. Students saw girls with baggy shorts and pants and boys with dresses and makeup. Was it true that you could get expelled? That a question that was answered that day. students were fine, no one got expelled. Although there was a lot of tension felt around the school that day, it was a day to remember.

Wednesday was color wars, each grade level had a different color. “We wanted to have more unity among the classes and colors made it visual,” junior Nhu Tran said. Tran has a position on the student council. Students once again didn’t see it that way, so they changed it to meme day. Which made everyone excited to show off their skills on how to remake memes.

Thursday was 50’s turned into 80’s. Although they do a decade every year the students seem to enjoy doing any decade. Students did both decades that day. Some with bright color tutus and some with black leather jackets

Friday was spirit day and there is no doubt that everyone participated. School spirit is very important for Cy Ridge and it was shown. During the pep rallies and during the volleyball and football game. Check out our scoreboard ford the scores!

As the week came to an end there is still one question that hasn’t been answered. What was the real meaning behind the rebellion? Was it a joke, was it for change or was it just to be heard?
Could the problem of changing the schedule been inevitable? “At the end of the day, the so-called ‘rebellion’ was gonna happen because only a group of people chose the activities. I think the whole school should be involved,” sophomore Geraldin Gonzales said. There are many ways we can stop another rebellion in the future. Gonzales also stated “the student council should let us give our ideas then make a list and pick from there. Like we do for the HOCO Court.”

At the end of the day, HOCO week was a week to remember. Now it is time to think about next year!