From Middle to High


Photo by Victoria Garza

Sebastian Aguillon, Staff Writer

Four weeks have passed since the first day of school and most of the freshmen have adjusted to their new school. They have come from a middle school life here restrictions show prominence.

“Middle school has more restrictions while high school is more open and active,” said freshman Jimmy Barnes. 

A variety of freshmen want to give their insight on how high school life is for them and what they have experienced in the past four weeks. These new experiences have opened their eyes to just how different middle school and high school compare.

“I love this school, teachers are so cool. Staff is cool as well as the coaches,” freshman Jimmy Barnes said.

However, there are some that haven’t adjusted to these certain circumstances. Classes get harder the higher up in grade level a student achieves. It can be stressful to experience the struggle.

“I’m struggling in biology but I can pick it up as I get used to it,” Barnes said. 

Students also transfer from different districts and have to adjust their entire perspective of how school life is since the rules and regulations are different. This could have caused great joy or more of hindrance in their first few weeks attending a foreign atmosphere.

“We don’t get to use uniforms here which is good since I’m from Aldine ISD,” freshman Jefferson Canales said.

 Freshman Danna Olivares had some trouble making friends at her new school life. Unfortunately, it can cause an inner conflict for some that have trouble breaking out of their shell.

“I struggle to make friends because I’m too shy to go up to people and talk to them,” Olivares said. 

Clubs are also a major thing here and play a major role in freshmen and other students’ lives. Getting plugged into a club or organization will help students, especially freshmen, create not only lasting memories but involvement on campus.

“I’m in debate because I like arguing and want to know how to do it professionally and to make a career out of it,” Olivares said.

At the end of it all, it needs is time and things should get better even to those who have adjusted.