Rams Upset by the Spartans


Photo by Freddy Vazquez

Miguel Moreno, Staff Writer

The Mighty Rams are devastated as their hopes of an undefeated season came to an end. Losing this past Friday night to the Stratford Spartans in a final score of 17-27. The game began very slowly as no points were scored for either team in the first quarter. Unlike the first quarter, the second quarter held a lot more excitement for the fans of both Cy Ridge and Stratford. As the first play of the second quarter resulted in a quick touchdown led by Rams running back senior Leslie Wellington ran 11 yards making the score 6-0. Halfway through the second quarter, the Rams were held up by Stratford’s amazing defense only 13 yards away from scoring. Afraid of not making the first down and facing a turnover, Cy Ridge head coach Andrew Shanle decided to let sophomore placekicker Miguel Moreno kick a 30-yard field goal which resulted in three extra points, making the score 10-0. Late into the game the Spartans finally manage to score against the Rams all-star defense with a quick 5-yard pass to their slot receiver number 2. Ending the first half in favor of the Rams with a 10-7 lead over the Spartans.

Kicking off the second half, Rams kicker senior William Cortes blasts the ball to Stratford’s seven-yard line where Cy Ridge’s fastest special team player number 22, Daniel Thompson causes the Spartan returner to hesitate and take a knee at their own 8-yard line. Rams defense led by All-American defensive end senior Vernon Broughton, safety senior Jevaun Dabon, and outside linebacker senior Kevin Bussey refused to lose not even a yard causing the Spartans to punt from their own 21-yard line. Quickly after, Rams quarterback junior Isaiah Phillips made the Spartans suffer with a fake QB run and throwing the ball 15 yards for an easy touchdown to no other but starting receiver sophomore Aaron Woods; however, the fourth quarter held many upsets for the Rams as the first play resulted in the Spartans running three yards for a touchdown making the score 17-14 still in favor of the Rams. 

For the first time, this season the Rams were now losing after the Spartans made another short run only four minutes after their last touchdown. The Spartans continued to dominate the running game score another touchdown after Rams quarterback throws an interception to strong safety, number 24 leaving the Spartans at the Rams two-yard line. The Rams no longer able to move the ball leads to a turnover with less than 1 minute left in the game. Stratford ending the game safely by taking two kneels give the Mighty Rams their first loss of their 2019-2020 season with an unexpected score of 17-27.