Junior Varsity Fights for the W


Photo by Miguel Moreno

Femi Ajayi, Staff Writer

On a recent sit-down with defensive player sophomore Jacob Harrison, it was discussed how the first game went for the team.

“It went far from how thought it would pan out. The team came into the game with lots of energy and ended the game in frustration, but there were lots of lessons learned from our first game” Harrison said. 

After the first game, the intensity in our practice went up a whole lot. New plays and techniques were taught and new drills were made to prepare us for next week’s game. With all that had been thought that week, we went into our second game with our heads up high and came out the same way because we won in a fairytale way. Coming from behind to beat Morton Ranch sub-varsity team 16-13 our offense did a great job putting points up on the board and the defense secured the win with a two-point safety acquired in the dying seconds of the game. After that win, energy oozed in the locker room and in practice. They could finally put a little smile on their faces and pat each other on the backs. Even after that win, they were told not to get “too high with the highs or too low with the lows.” 

They received a pep talk from offensive coordinators and defensive coordinators on the varsity football and they learned how they view football and what it means to them. The keys to becoming successful in anything you do or set your mind to is hard work! No stopping till you get everything you’ve ever worked hard for, and if you truly worked hard it will show out on the field. Do not quit because things aren’t going your way. It usually gets worse before things start to turn in your favor remember that, and they won’t stop till they win the district championship!