Fire!! Again!!!

Cinthya Alvarez Mendoza, Staff Writer

The Amazon Rainforest is on fire once again!!

This year is different from all the other years of fire in the region. The Amazon Rainforest has been burning up since January of 2019. Although the Amazon suffers many fires every year, there is nothing to compare to this year’s fire.

“2019 has been the most active year since the fires in 2010.” NASA expert Adam Violand said.

The Amazon has suffered more than 75,000 fires. The fires occurring between the months of January and August. Burning down more than 6,000 square miles of forest. As we think that everything is getting back to normal, Brazil announced that it is in a state of emergency.

The seasonal drought in the Amazon has a lot to do with the fires throughout the years. NASA discovered that all the years of seasonal drought is leaving a long legacy of damage. The drought leaves the trees more vulnerable to catch on fire; increasing the risk of more fires.

Unfortunately, this year’s fire was caused by the clearing of land rather than drought. The people on this land want more land either for ranching or farming. There are many ways that they can clear an area of trees. The most common one and the most used is the fire technique. What they do is set a piece of land and burn it up. As they only intend to burn a certain area the wind can blow the flame causing another fire. That small fire can turn into a wildfire in just a couple minutes. “The fires need to be stopped. We are only burning our planet,” sophomore Geraldine Gonzalez said.

According to NASA the fire activity will continue and most likely peak in September. That is due to the climate of the Amazon.

Many natural resources were lost because of the fires. Such as medicinal plants that haven’t been tested. Losing a chance to discover something new. Decreasing a chance to change the world.

There are many organizations like The Earth Alliance (founded by Leonardo DiCaprio) that help environmental conservation. The funds will be focusing resources toward local communities and groups working to protect the Amazon, as well as those affected by the fires. Along with many more organizations to help. Another way to help is by reducing the use of paper. There is an opportunity for anyone around the world to make a change.

How will you help?