Spring Final Exam Schedule

Spring Final Exam: the last test the end a good year.


Photo by: Tia Roberts

Macie Aschenbeck comfortably studies with her company Kaylynn Luong for their finals.

Tia Roberts, staff reporter

In the month of May, the last few weeks of testing is when all final exams and AP test falls upon the shoulders of students conquering their academic finals and test, in order for them to jump over the wall of high school and exams and to meet the sweet summer breeze, and for some to graduate into a new beginning.

Final exams begin on May 24, seniors will start taking their final exams. On May 28, will be the holidays, Memorial Day and a student holiday. Then May 31. and on June second seniors will have their senior breakfast and graduation at the berry center, for further information about the exam schedule go to the CFISD/ school web page.

For the juniors, sophomores and freshman spring final exams go as followed, May 29. students will be taking their first final exam, as all listed CFISD webpage. So students should work with their schedule to successfully finish the year in a great stand.

Senior guidance lesson and teen parents counselor, Jessica Jensen explains that wrapping up everything and staying focused is important.

“It’s hard especially as summer gets closer, to stay focused in your classes. So finding things that you can do because you have that summer break where you just stop doing everything you’re going to lose a lot of that information you learned, so just keep going all the way till the end,” Jensen said.

For their spring finals students can plan out their entire schedule and study periodically in order to succeed.Biology teacher Cameron Huble explains that he did not figure it out until his senior year of college that studying is happening everyday.

“Studying is something I had to learn that is not a one night event its an all course event,- you of slow and steady over longer period of time makes it stick in your head longer,” Huble said.

Photo by: Tia Roberts

Macie Aschenbeck and Kaylynn Luong enjoys studying for their final exams.

Final exams are only one-seventh of the final course grades of students, mixed opinion are formed between Shantz and Hubble whether final exams determines students understanding of the class or not.

“I can’t speak for everyone’s final but for ours it’s very basic, its very surface level did you understand the main ideas of the things we try to teach you,” Huble said. “From that I think more than any assessment we get a good idea of how well you observe the course. And you can literally see in the data that certain things students didn’t get and won’t answer those questions and those are things we can pull for next year and say hey there’s a lot of people that miss this section maybe it’s the way we taught it not necessarily the students.”

World History AP teacher, Elisha Shantz thinks that more than a final to determine student understanding of a class. In her perspective, finals help to demonstrate your understanding of the class.

“I think finals are a good proportion of the grade that they reflect an appropriate amount of your understanding, like 12 percent of your grade,” Shantz said.

At the end it’s important for students to take their last academic exam seriously, Jensen explains that final exams does not mean you necessarily passed or failed, it depends on students individual grade if it’s going to be a problem or not. But students should aim to do good in both of their first and second semester finals, as it can decreases the chance of them repeating a whole class in the next following year.

“We do not bridge backwards, so if you fail second semester versus first semester class if you don’t pass it or your unsuccessful. You can bridge and you could try to grade average,” Jensen said.