Who are we? YLPA!

This years new Step Team ready for competition

Lizeth Gonzalez, Business Manager

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The SAT (Stepping Aggressively and Technical) step team met for rehearsal on Thursday, Oct. 29. This will be the first time Cy-Ridge High School will have a competing step team since the 2013 – 2014 school year. Even though there was not a step team last year due to the lack of sponsorship, this year’s step team SAT looks prepared for future performances and competitions.

Throughout SAT’s rehearsal, simple vocal routines like their step team chant “Who are we? YLPA! Who are we? YLPA!” seems to be the focus for the step team. Step teams have to be able to be heard by judges throughout competition, earning them major points and a strong impression. If the step team’s routine is not clear or precise, and if their vocalization is not clear and loud, there could be a major deduction of points from the judges.

The SAT’s rehearsals are fun and up beat as many of the members and even the coach have fun with one another. However, at times, the team share ideas of what the choreography could change to add more to the impact of there routine. From watching the chemistry of the coaches and members, there is a clear sense of respect between each other, and many seem determined to have a major impact with every step they take. Coach Soul-Jana Singh is the sponsor for the step team, after being asked by two sisters.“Lori Fontenot and Liberty Stutts are the ones who came and begged me to be the sponsor for them to get it started again so those are the founding people for the new step team.” Sing said.

Fontenot is a 9th grader this year, after going to Regal Rams she had an idea of who she wanted to sponsor the step team. “At Regal Rams I was listening to [Mrs. Singh] story, and I figured she would be a great sponsor” said Fontenot. After that the step team became possible with the sponsorship of Coach Singh. SAT went to the Martin Luther King Step Show on Sunday, January 1, and won 2nd place in their division. Fontenot was proud of her team and became closer to all the members “I see them as my family my brothers and sisters. I feel like I can talk to them about anything.” said Fontenot.

With strong vocalization and a synced team SAT are hoping to have a great season. With a more than willing team and a determined coach, this year’s district competition, which will be hosted at the Berry Center in April, will be a great test for all Cy-Fair step teams.

SAT Competitions

MLK Step Show      2nd place

Lone Star College   2nd place


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